GV628W GPS Tracker Installation Guide

This is an installation and wiring guide for installing the GV628W GPS Tracking Device in your car or truck. If you came across this page as you were looking to install a different tracker and this isn’t the one you need, check out our full listing of GPS Tracking Device Installation Guides

Step 0 – GV628W GPS Tracker Installation Guide

We’ve included all this information in a handy, printable GV628W GPS Tracker installation guide

Step 1 – Determine Mounting Location

use posi tap for gps trackers

Install GPS Trackers with posi-tap connectors

The GV628W Tracker Unit should be mounted near an external power source, or in the case of temperature tracking, within the reefer fairing.
View of the Sky
Since the GPS satellites beam location information to the device, it needs to have a view of the sky. The GPS signal can penetrate glass, plastic, and wood, but not metal. Here are some suggested locations:
  • BEST – Behind a plastic barrier and or glass, shielded from the weather and hidden from view.
  • GOOD – Mounted in an open area with direct access to the sky.
  • FAIR – Hidden with an indirect view of the sky.
OPTIONAL Temperature Probe(s)
A single probe will usually be located near the return air duct of the refrigeration system. The silver tip of the temperature probe is the sensor. It should be exposed directly to the air being monitored. Do not cover the sensor, or mount the sensor directly to an exterior wall. Excess wire should be coiled (DO NOT cut). Cables should be secured along the run with clamps or cable ties.

Step 2 – Terminate Electrical Connections

We recommend soldering all electrical connections. If that is not possible, appropriate sized wire tap connectors (posi-tap.com) like the ones pictured here should be used. Do not jam wires between fuse and fuse holder.

Description of GV628W GPS Tracker Power Cable

Description of GV628W GPS Tracker Power Cable

Primary Device Wires – There are five wires that need to be connected to an external power source: RED, RED/GREEN, 2 Black, White

RED is Main power which goes to a constant power connection with a voltage between +12V and +24V. (Blue wire on trailers, constant battery circuits on other applications)
RED/GREEN is backup power which goes to a constant power connection with a voltage between +12V and +24V. (Trailer Clearance or Parking Lights wire on Trailers, a different constant battery circuit in other applications). If no alternate power is available, connect to the same source as RED Main wire.
Two Black
Two BLACK wires go to chassis ground [Battery(-)] using a ring connector or are tapped into an existing ground wire.
WHITE is for system run detection. For Reefers, connect to a circuit that is active only when the refrigeration system is in the RUN position. For Other Vehicles connect to a circuit that is on when the engine is running (Key ON). For nonpowered Trailers, connect to a circuit that receives power when the tow vehicle is connected. This circuit should be between +12V and +24V when active, and +0V (or Open) when inactive (see the diagram on the next page).
Optional Device Wires
Temperature Probe Equipped Units, connect the GRAY Tracker wire to the YELLOW wire(s) on the Temperature Probe(s) and connect the BLACK/WHITE STRIPE Tracker Wire to both the Red and Green wires of the temperature probe(s). The other Tracker wires are for optional I/O sensors that incur additional monthly charges. Tape or heat-shrink insulate the ends if not in use.

Proper connection of the RED, BLACK, and WHITE wires is essential for the device to operate

Test and Secure the Tracking Device

As soon as the GV628W has been connected to power, the LED lights located in the white strip on the side of the device will begin to blink. The Power LED will appear first, followed by the GSM LED, and last, the GPS LED. If the device is being powered up for the first time, the GPS LED may take a number of minutes to appear. When testing, make sure the device is outside, away from buildings and trees with the Label pointing toward the sky or horizon. After the GPS LED displays a solid light, turn the refrigeration system ON. Check that the unit is reporting Temperature and RUN/Off properly by going to the nimbleGPS tracking website and running a Temperature History report. The default unit name will correspond to the last 5 or 6 digits of the IMEI dispalyed on the barcode label of the device. See the table below to determine the status of the GPS device and to help troubleshoot if it is not reporting.

GV628 GPS Tracker Temperature Probe Information

GV628 GPS Tracker Temperature Probe Information

Once it is confirmed that the device is reporting properly, securely mount it in the location chosen in Step One with the label facing the sky or Open Outside Space. There are several recommended mounting methods. The best method is to screw or bolt it to a suitable surface. Another method is to use high quality nylon zip ties around the device within the grooves. Finally, you can place a piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the bottom of the device and dab silicone glue or 3M Marine 5200 adhesive to the four bottom corners of the device. The double-sided tape will serve to hold the device in place while the glue dries.

CAUTION The use of excessive amounts of adhesive may make it impossible to remove the device from its mounting location. If the device has been glued to a substrate and needs to be removed later on, use small gage piano wire and a back and forth sawing motion to cut through the glue between the device and substrate.

The third option is to secure the device with a screw or bolt through the mounting tab at the top of the device. A zip tie can be placed around the bottom section for additional security.

GPS Tracking Device LED Status Lights

The Durable 628W GPS Tracker
The Durable 628W GPS Tracker
LED Device Status LED Status
GSM Device is searching CELL Network Fast Flashing
GSM Tracking Device has registered to CELL Network Slow Flashing
GSM Device entered into sleep mode OFF
GSM SIM card needs PIN code to unlock ON
GPS GPS chip is powered off OFF
GPS GPS sends no data or data format error Slow Flashing
GPS GPS chip is searching GPS info Fast Flashing
GPS GPS chip has gotten GPS info ON
PWR No external power and internal battery voltage is lower than 3.46v OFF
PWR No external power and internal battery voltage is below 3.6V Slow Flashing
PWR External power in and internal battery is charging Fast Flashing
PWR External power in & internal battery fully charged ON

Theft Recovery

When you think of theft recovery, are you just thinking of recovering a truck, van, or maybe a piece of equipment? You are not alone – that is what most people think. Recovery of those "big ticket" things is a major benefit of having a GPS tracker in your vehicles.

But look at time and productivity as well. These are things that you can't touch or feel but they are are stolen little by little every day by employees. While some workers are stealing time and productivity by doing side jobs, others are doing it unwittingly by simply not moving fast enough.

Alerts and Monitoring

Proactive Fleet Monitoring.

Our reports are a valuable tool to help you analyze the historical performance of drivers and vehicles, but there are times when you need to know RIGHT NOW when something happens. With the help of our Alerts and Monitoring tools, you can be notified when a specific event occurs. We will send an email to one or more addresses when a specific event occurs. For mission critical situations that require loud and clear notification, you can receive phone calls to a predefined list of phone numbers using our third-party vendors. Read more about the Proactive Fleet Monitoring tools below to get an idea of how they can help you better manage your fleet.

Customer Invoicing improves by using GPS Tracking

Customer Invoicing

When you have a staff, providing services to customers, scheduling their time efficiently and being responsive to your staff's needs and your customer needs is a significant challenge.  Keeping track of who saw who when and where – especially when it all changes at the last minute – can be daunting. Gathering supporting data for end of the month customer invoicing can be difficult, even for the smallest teams.  For a bigger team it can be fraught with errors.  At the end of the month, determining who was where at the beginning of the month can be challenging and time consuming.   In a manual system, working through customer disputes over invoicing, two or three months later becomes a no-win proposition as memories and information become foggy.  GPS Car Tracking can provide the tools to filter through all of this easily.

Fleet Management: Analysis Tools

Copious amounts of gps tracking data is collected from your cars and trucks every day.  The value of that data is largely dependent on the tools provided to make sense of the data.  This is an area that Tracker Systems has spent a lot of time and energy.  To get our Fleet Management Software right, we've talked to our customers to understand what they do, what they want to see and we've put together a uite of tools to answer their most pressing needs.   What we provide is a set of analysis tools are a combination of alerts, reports, and route playback widgets.  Here is just a sampling.


Geo Fences, geo what? What's a Geo Fence, man? That is a fancy name for a virtual boundary around a geographic area, like a job site, home. office, warehouse, or even an entire city. Geo Fences will alert you when one of your trucks enter the area, leave the area, or both. You can have many of them on the real-time GPS tracking system, even geo fences within geo fences. Alerts can be emailed to get instant notification that one of the geo fences were triggered. There are two types of reports showing summary and detailed history.

IFTA Fuel Tax Agreement


IFTA is an agreement between US States and some Canadian provinces that allows members (truck owners) to coordinate all their fuel tax and tax filing responsibilities with their base jurisdiction rather than each jurisdiction where they operate.  This coordination applies to fuel taxes only and does not cover road taxes, weight taxes or similar taxes.  

Choosing a Car or Truck Tracking Device

There are various factors that go into choosing a GPS Tracker for a Car or Light Truck. Examining these factors is the first step to choosing the proper hardware to meet your needs. Having a full grasp on your requirements makes it easier to sift through all the different hardware out on the market and in our store. Additionally, reviewing how you use the different vehicles in your fleet, may make it clear that different vehicles may need different hardware. This guide is designed to help in choosing a car or truck tracking device.

iOS and Android Apps now available

We’re excited to let folks know that our App has been accepted into both the iOS iTunes store and the Android store. The downloads are easily available through each store by searching for TrackerSystems. These links will also help: TrackerSystems on iTunes and Tracker Systems on Google Play.

Now that we’ve passed the first step of being accepted into the store, we have a list of features to add and a pretty aggressive schedule to get them in and up to the stores. We’re excited to say the least.

The current feature set is focused on accessing the fleet’s status. The mobile apps have been optimized for small devices, weaker data networks and all the challenges of seeing details on a phone. We give a detailed list of fleet status including last alerts, current ignition state and similar ‘want to know now’ details. The app also includes on map details like fleet location and unit trails. We’ve also included all of our reports.

If you’re interested in fleet information when you’re on the go, but not so interested in installing another app, all the same information is available from our mobile website: mytracker.mobi

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