Tamper Sensors: New Feature in GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking hardware is evolving. For example, GPS trackers have been integrated with temperature probes. This enables customers to remotely monitor reefer and refrigerator trailer temperatures. Solar powered GPS trackers are another example where we are seeing technology and price points converge. Customers can now monitor equipment that does not have power supplies.

This article is focused on tamper sensors. Tamper sensors are now being included by manufacturers in GPS tracking devices. This is a great example of technology evolution making better solutions for customers.

Just Add Sun GPS Tracking for Trailers

Hot New Solar Powered GPS Tracker

We’ve got a hot new solar powered gps tracker available for immediate purchase. This tracker requires no external power, making it a great tracker for so many of our customers. Its a great tracker to attach to equipment that has traditionally been hard to track, since traditional GPS trackers need a power source. Today, customers, with all kinds of unpowered assets, like trailers and equipment mounted on trailers, can use the solar powered GPS trackers for location based tracking.

Efficient Routing and Your Business

Efficiently managing your people, teams, vehicles, and, generally all resources, is a key to success. Overuse exhausts people and equipment. Under use does the opposite and costs you money by not getting the most out of your resources. Our fleet management system, specifically our routing subsystem, has an easy to use tool to help with this analysis and improve the utilization of your vehicles and assets.

Optimizing your routes is not an optional task. With a little work, real results that add measurable value to your business can be achieved. The end result of optimizing driver routes and stops, is that you can free up resources: from employees to vehicles, minimize mileage related expenses, improve on time performance and ultimate lower your overall expenses.

GPS Trackers In Your Landscaping Business

What’s the best way to use GPS GPS Trackers in your Landscaping Business? We take a deep dive matching tracking equipment to your mowers, vehicles and trailers to give you a solution that gives you tools to help manage your landscaping business – including ideas like proof of work, driver behavior and maintenance management. We also factor in theft recovery into this strategy. We all know that downtime from theft and loss is expensive and quick recovery is important. A good tracking strategy looks at all of these details and this document is focused on that: the hardware to use and the reporting frequencies we recommend.

Plug and Play GPS Tracker Advantages

Plug & Play GPS Tracker advantages include full tracking insights on rentals, temporary, contractor and employee owned vehicles without installation hassles.

The Plug and Play HS3K GPS Car Tracker is our favorite OBD-II tracker yet. It’s got the features that make it just what you want for your fleet of cars and trucks. It doesn’t require installation and yet, it generates valuable vehicle insight. The focus of this post is to explore plug and play GPS tracker advantages over installed trackers.

GV628W GPS Tracker Installation Guide

This is an installation and wiring guide for installing the GV628W GPS Tracking Device in your car or truck. If you came across this page as you were looking to install a different tracker and this isn’t the one you need, check out our full listing of GPS Tracking Device Installation Guides

Step 0 – GV628W GPS Tracker Installation Guide

We’ve included all this information in a handy, printable GV628W GPS Tracker installation guide

Theft Recovery

When you think of theft recovery, are you just thinking of recovering a truck, van, or maybe a piece of equipment? You are not alone – that is what most people think. Recovery of those "big ticket" things is a major benefit of having a GPS tracker in your vehicles.

But look at time and productivity as well. These are things that you can't touch or feel but they are are stolen little by little every day by employees. While some workers are stealing time and productivity by doing side jobs, others are doing it unwittingly by simply not moving fast enough.

Alerts and Monitoring

Proactive Fleet Monitoring.

Our reports are a valuable tool to help you analyze the historical performance of drivers and vehicles, but there are times when you need to know RIGHT NOW when something happens. With the help of our Alerts and Monitoring tools, you can be notified when a specific event occurs. We will send an email to one or more addresses when a specific event occurs. For mission critical situations that require loud and clear notification, you can receive phone calls to a predefined list of phone numbers using our third-party vendors. Read more about the Proactive Fleet Monitoring tools below to get an idea of how they can help you better manage your fleet.

Customer Invoicing improves by using GPS Tracking

Customer Invoicing

When you have a staff, providing services to customers, scheduling their time efficiently and being responsive to your staff's needs and your customer needs is a significant challenge.  Keeping track of who saw who when and where – especially when it all changes at the last minute – can be daunting. Gathering supporting data for end of the month customer invoicing can be difficult, even for the smallest teams.  For a bigger team it can be fraught with errors.  At the end of the month, determining who was where at the beginning of the month can be challenging and time consuming.   In a manual system, working through customer disputes over invoicing, two or three months later becomes a no-win proposition as memories and information become foggy.  GPS Car Tracking can provide the tools to filter through all of this easily.

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