Efficient Routing and Your Business

Efficiently managing your people, teams, vehicles, and, generally all resources, is a key to success. Overuse exhausts people and equipment. Under use does the opposite and costs you money by not getting the most out of your resources. Our fleet management system, specifically our routing subsystem, has an easy to use tool to help with this analysis and improve the utilization of your vehicles and assets.

Optimizing your routes is not an optional task. With a little work, real results that add measurable value to your business can be achieved. The end result of optimizing driver routes and stops, is that you can free up resources: from employees to vehicles, minimize mileage related expenses, improve on time performance and ultimate lower your overall expenses.

Alerts and Monitoring

Proactive Fleet Monitoring.

Our reports are a valuable tool to help you analyze the historical performance of drivers and vehicles, but there are times when you need to know RIGHT NOW when something happens. With the help of our Alerts and Monitoring tools, you can be notified when a specific event occurs. We will send an email to one or more addresses when a specific event occurs. For mission critical situations that require loud and clear notification, you can receive phone calls to a predefined list of phone numbers using our third-party vendors. Read more about the Proactive Fleet Monitoring tools below to get an idea of how they can help you better manage your fleet.

Fleet Management: Analysis Tools

Copious amounts of gps tracking data is collected from your cars and trucks every day.  The value of that data is largely dependent on the tools provided to make sense of the data.  This is an area that Tracker Systems has spent a lot of time and energy.  To get our Fleet Management Software right, we've talked to our customers to understand what they do, what they want to see and we've put together a uite of tools to answer their most pressing needs.   What we provide is a set of analysis tools are a combination of alerts, reports, and route playback widgets.  Here is just a sampling.


Geo Fences, geo what? What's a Geo Fence, man? That is a fancy name for a virtual boundary around a geographic area, like a job site, home. office, warehouse, or even an entire city. Geo Fences will alert you when one of your trucks enter the area, leave the area, or both. You can have many of them on the real-time GPS tracking system, even geo fences within geo fences. Alerts can be emailed to get instant notification that one of the geo fences were triggered. There are two types of reports showing summary and detailed history.

iOS and Android Apps now available

We’re excited to let folks know that our App has been accepted into both the iOS iTunes store and the Android store. The downloads are easily available through each store by searching for TrackerSystems. These links will also help: TrackerSystems on iTunes and Tracker Systems on Google Play.

Now that we’ve passed the first step of being accepted into the store, we have a list of features to add and a pretty aggressive schedule to get them in and up to the stores. We’re excited to say the least.

The current feature set is focused on accessing the fleet’s status. The mobile apps have been optimized for small devices, weaker data networks and all the challenges of seeing details on a phone. We give a detailed list of fleet status including last alerts, current ignition state and similar ‘want to know now’ details. The app also includes on map details like fleet location and unit trails. We’ve also included all of our reports.

If you’re interested in fleet information when you’re on the go, but not so interested in installing another app, all the same information is available from our mobile website: mytracker.mobi

Trucking Industry Tool: Geofences

New uses for Geofences and Long Haul Trucking

Trucking Industry Tool: Track Trucks On Route With Geofence Of all industries, the trucking industry probably benefits the most from the technologies of GPS Truck Tracking.  Send trucks out to distance places and keep track of them.  A match made in heaven.  But really, who wants to sit and watch a truck on a computer terminal for hours, if not days.  The question then, is how to use the tools in the fleet management system effectively.  And of all the tools available, which ones do the trick and should be focused on.

The focus of this post is on one system function that can get you away from computer  monitor and back doing the things that help your business grown.  Which feature is this? Geofences!


Time Tracking

One of the most valuable benefits of GPS Tracking Information is time tracking. The tracking device receives accurate time and position from the GPS satellite constellation. It can also sense whether the vehicle's ignition is on or off. Armed with this data, Tracker Systems' tracking software can tell you with a great deal of repeatable accuracy where the vehicle is when it stops.  Run Time, Distance, Idling time and Stopped time can be compared to employee time sheets and compared across your fleet to identify less than optimal or inefficient routes as well as employees spending time at activities other than work.

GPS Tracking Device Reports

GPS Tracking Reports are the individual data messages sent by the GPS tracking device each time a certain parameter is met. When a certain distance has been traveled or time period reached, or external output signal received, the device sends a data string. This data consists of the unique equipment identifier, latitude and logitude, date and time, speed, heading, and other important information. The tracking device connects to the cellular data network and sends this data in short bursts to our servers the instant it is obtained. When our servers recieve the reports, they parse and organize the data into databases and prepare it for display in the website software. These basic building blocks when organized reveal an amazing amount of detail.


A key to efficiently managing your resources is to be able to locate, identify by capability and coordinate your fleet effectively.  The goal is to get your people, your vehicles or your assets to the right place at the right time.  Quickly and cleanly, without a lot of confusion. With our integrated Dispatch module, we help make it easier to conduct and manage dispatch communications, right from your desktop.  No special hardware is required.

Event Monitoring

Capture Real World Events

GPS Trackers have the capability to capture real world events through what's called auxiliary inputs or digital I/O.  These discrete on/off events, such as opening and closing doors or turning motors on and off, if wired with relays or switches can send a signal.  The GPS tracking device then monitors these auxiliary inputs and either includes the information on the regular reports, or if a change is detected, a special message is sent to our servers.

The real power of event monitoring, with GPS tracking devices, is that the data is captured, along with all of the regular GPS data.  This allows you to review the data in a couple creative and interesting ways.

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