Tamper Sensors: New Feature in GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking hardware is evolving. For example, GPS trackers have been integrated with temperature probes. This enables customers to remotely monitor reefer and refrigerator trailer temperatures. Solar powered GPS trackers are another example where we are seeing technology and price points converge. Customers can now monitor equipment that does not have power supplies.

This article is focused on tamper sensors. Tamper sensors are now being included by manufacturers in GPS tracking devices. This is a great example of technology evolution making better solutions for customers.

GPS Satellite Launch

Photo: Craig Bailey, Florida TodayIn a picture perfect GPS Satellite launch, against a beautiful blue sky, the United Launch Alliance launched the latest GPS IIF-8 Satellite into orbit on October 29. The satellite, built by Boeing, was launched into orbit for the US Air Force, from Cape Canaveral Florida.

The gps satellite will be tested and then placed into operation by December. This is the 8th satellite built by Boeing. Four more are built or being built and will be pressed into service by early 2016. The next GPS Satellite launch is planned for early spring. Lockheed Martin is under contract to build the next generation of satellites.

The satellite was launched by an Atlas V rocket. The satellite was launched into an orbit 11,000 miles up. There are more than 31 satellites in the GPS constellation.

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