Stolen Truck West Palm Beach

We’re in Palm Beach, our delivery truck was stolen on a Sunday morning. We used the system to find it in a garage down in Miami, two counties away. It took the police a little while to work through jurisdictional issues. But we knew where it was the whole time and eventually we were made whole. Tracker Systems made the whole ordeal easier to get through. Their team was great.

Pete, Beer Distributor, West Palm Beach Florida

Lawsuit Dismissed – Davie, Florida

Thank you Tracker Systems! We just got a lawsuit dismissed based on the data in your system. We were getting sued by someone claiming our Garbage truck spooked their horse. Your system proved that our trucks were no where near that site on that day. Thank you !

Garbage Hauler, Davie, Florida

Trash Missed Stop Accounting

We’re a trash hauler.  If we miss a stop on our route, the city can fine us.  GPS Tracking helps us prove where we were and when we were there.  The system pays for itself every month. Fast reports, Easy to use, too.

Charlie S, Accounts Receivable, near Cleveland, Ohio

transport company

I run a transportation company.  I need to report to my customers when I was at their site.  Tracker Systems’ Geofence reports give me exactly what I need to answer my customer’s questions.

Sam B, Entrepreneur, Texas

Waste Removal

We are very pleased with your system as well as your customer support… myself and my other managerial staff use your Tracker System about fifty times a day … we use your system for a fleet of waste removal trucks.

Linda, Manager, Miami-Dade

Front End Loader On City Street

We installed the gps tracking units in our fleet. Not even a week later, I’m reviewing the gps mapping data and I see my front end loader traveling up a city street to get coffee at a convenience store. Love the system! Pays for itself! Thanks.

Bob T., President, Paving Company

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