Construction Equipment Tracking

Construction Equipment Tracking

Wired, Battery Powered and Solar Options

Select from wired, battery powered and solar powered options.  These tracking devices are optimized for heavy duty use cases.  Weather, dust and vibration resistant GPS trackers.  Devices will report more often in powered, wired or solar configurations.  Battery powered units are optimized for battery life.   Talk to our sales specialist at 877-872-2521 to see what works best for your trailers, bobcats and construction equipment.  

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  • Solar Powered Satellite GPS Tracking Device.  Worldwide Coverage.  Satellite data transmission.
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    Solar Powered Satellite Data GPS Tracker


    ** One of the most exciting trackers we've carried! **   For many customers, this devices puts all the answers together in one package: a solar powered satellite GPS Tracker. Goes almost anywhere attached to your assets. Reports several times a day...
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