A key to efficiently managing your resources is to be able to locate, identify by capability and coordinate your fleet effectively.  The goal is to get your people, your vehicles or your assets to the right place at the right time.  Quickly and cleanly, without a lot of confusion. With our integrated Dispatch module, we help make it easier to conduct and manage dispatch communications, right from your desktop.  No special hardware is required.

Dispatch means "to send someone off to do a job or task; to send someone off to a destination for a purpose". Businesses do this everyday. The key to being responsive to your customers is to integrate the live gps tracking data from your fleet with you immediate needs and then communicating it to your drivers. 

Tracker Systems Dispatch Module

The beauty of our system is the simplicity. Huge cost savings come with this simplicity. With our system, you can dispatch your crew more effectively with the smartphones they already have. The dispatcher assigns a driver and their cell phone number to each GPS tracker. Once this one-time setup is done, a text messaging dialog box appears on the fleet tracking software. To communicate with a driver, the dispatcher selects a driver from the pull down menu, enters the text, and presses Send. A character counter informs the dispatcher how long the outgoing message is. All the message threads for every driver can be viewed on the Details Page.


You can avoid mis-communication because of somone's misinterpretation of a canned message or because of a lack of details. The driver will be able to respond to dispatch in their own words while safely away from the vehicle.

Our flexible messaging system lets you send your own messages.  Include simple directions, phone numbers, contact information or ask questions.  A major advantage is the message goes to your employee — not the vehicle.  So no delays if they are in a customers home or office, on a break or out on the construction site.  The dispach system is included free within the browser based software.

How We Compare

Our Dispatch System lets you communicate in your language and with as much detail as you need.  And we let you send your message to the driver – not the vehicle – so you can reach the person and they can respond when they're away from the vehicle.

Dispatch: Our Way

At the end of the day – the critical decision points for a dispatch system are ease of use and connectedness.   Our dispatch system is easy to use, its right at your finger tips on most of our web pages.  And it makes it easy to communicate with your emplyees and stay connected to your employees throughout the business day. 


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