GPS Tracking Device Reports

GPS Tracking Reports are the individual data messages sent by the GPS tracking device each time a certain parameter is met. When a certain distance has been traveled or time period reached, or external output signal received, the device sends a data string. This data consists of the unique equipment identifier, latitude and logitude, date and time, speed, heading, and other important information. The tracking device connects to the cellular data network and sends this data in short bursts to our servers the instant it is obtained. When our servers recieve the reports, they parse and organize the data into databases and prepare it for display in the website software. These basic building blocks when organized reveal an amazing amount of detail.

Moving Reports

Moving reports are triggered when a certain minimum distance has been traveled, say 100 feet. Once this parameter is triggered, GPS Tracking Device Reports are sent and a timer is triggered. This timer will be a certain number of seconds based on the rate plan chosen. So, rather than the device reporting EVERY 100 feet. It will report every X number of seconds if it moves X number of feet. A popular service plan for vehicle tracking, the nimbleGPS120, is configured to send reports every two minutes (120 seconds) while the device is moving. Configuration options can report more often for greater detail. Asset tracking configurations will report every 15 minutes or less to acheive lower costs.  Feel free to contact us to discuss which reporting interval is right for you.

Stationary Reports

Stationary reports are fairly self-explanatory. When there is no motion, a timer is triggered to begin counting down. It can be set to X number of seconds at which time the GPS Tracking Device reports. There are three stationary reports that come on the nimbleGPS120 plan – five, ten, and sixty minutes. We call the sixty minute report the heartbeat report. Every hour the device checks in even if it is parked over night. Idling events are derived from these stationary reports if the key is on.

Driver Behavior

For the safety minded manager, many of our newer devices will transmit data triggered by reckless driving. GPS coupled with the built-in 3-axis accelerometer on most units and OBD-II interface on some devices make it possible to capture speed, hard braking, fast acceleration, cornering and excessive RPM. Because these metrics are so critical, the web-based software platform can be set to send alerts when one of the above Special Events is triggered.


All of our GPS hardware for vehicles and powered assets records the Ignition status because it is so important. Most devices use a wire that is connected to an ignition circuit of the vehicle or equipment. The ignition circuit activates when the key is turned to the Run position, and then turns off with the vehicle. By connecting the GPS tracker to this circuit, very accurate Start/Stop (Runtime) measurements can be made. Also, because our system will know when the vehicle is running and whether or not it is moving, it will be able to tell you if the vehicle is idling and for how long. For equipment, Runtime measurements can be made. The OBD-II GPS hardware captures the Ignition On/Off a bit differently since it has no external wires. It measures slight changes in voltage that a vehicle or equipment produces. The voltage goes up when it is running and falls once it is turned off.

System Reports

There are some GPS Tracking Device Reports that do not have an apparent benefit to the end-user, but in reality matter a great deal. There is a timed system self-check that sends a message to an alternate database to ensure system integrity. Some devices have a System Report that verifies a timed device reboot which serves to clear the memory and message logs.

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