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GPS Tracking System

We coupled our Software system with a carefully selected group of GPS Tracking Devices to create the best vehicle tracking solution.

All the features at a great price.

We coupled our Software system with a carefully selected group of GPS Tracking Devices to create the best vehicle tracking solution.

All the features at a great price.

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Tracking System

Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking For Less Than $1 A Day.

GPS Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software

Goal: To help you efficiently manage your vehicles.
We've built our software based on feedback from our customers. They are plumbers, waste haulers, over the road truckers, landscapers, and service and delivery companies. We have maps for instant feedback and for research. Reports and graphs can be used to analyze trends on everything - from fuel efficiency and mileage, to stops and idling.

Fleet Management Software
GPS Tracking Device

Tracking Devices

Devices for all applications.
We offer a full selection of devices to meet your needs. We have GPS Trackers for cars, light trucks, heavy duty trucks, off-road equipment, generators, trailers, commercial lawnmowers and construction equipment. Options include devices with auxiliary / PTO inputs or 24 volt compatibility, self contained batteries and battery backup. We even have trackers that are water resistant. Talk to our specialists to review your requirements.

Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking System = Software + Hardware

Fleet Management Software

A combination of tools to make managing your fleet easier and more effective. State-of-the-art maps allow you to zoom in and verify location. Alerts and monitors are used to give instant feedback from your vehicles. A comprehensive suite of reports and graphs help you analyze data to increase efficiency and assist compliance reporting requirements. The GPS tracking system supports both desktops and mobile devices.

Fleet Management Software

GPS Tracking Devices

Our tracking devices cover all your needs from water resistant units to battery powered or 24 volt systems. Additionally, we have devices that can monitor PTO or Auxiliary inputs to track hoists, winches, pumps and even doors.

Tracking Devices

GPS & Cellular Carriers

Nearly invisible to our customers are our partners in the sky and on the ground: the GPS satellites and the cellular data networks we use. We use multiple cellular data vendors to ensure you have the best possible coverage.

Customer Support

We are serious about customer support. You can reach our team by phone, email or 'contact-us'. Our US-based support team wants to know you by name and won't treat you like a number.

Tracking System

Tracking System

Global Positioning Satellites provide the backbone for GPS Tracking of Vehicles

GPS Tracking System: It’s what we do.

Fleet Management Software

Get the Big Picture

Use our GPS tracking system to visualize and manage your fleet presence with automatically updating maps. Either view the whole fleet, a subfleet or follow one unit.

Proactive: Alerts & Monitoring

Our GPS Tracking System proactively and automatically monitors and manages your fleet with an extensive suite of alerts and monitors. Set them and automatically monitor 24/7/365.

Detail Oriented: Reports & Research

Our extensive reports give you the data you need to get the most out of your fleet. Select your report and we’ll provide you with graphs and tables summarizing your information.

Functional: Dispatch & Directions

Use the built-in text messaging system to easily communicate with your drivers. If your drivers can receive text messages, no special hardware is required. Need driving directions to a customer? Our system makes it easy to dispatch the information. .

  • OBD-II PlugIn

    OBD-II PlugIn

    Battery Backup • Driver Behavior

    OBD-II GPS Car Truck Tracking  Driver Behavior Speeding Idling

    OBD-II Car / Truck GPS Tracker

    Easy installation, no tools, no wires: plug & play OBD-II
    GPS Tracking Device. This device is great for:

    • Employee owned vehicles
    • Leased or Rented Cars & Trucks
    • Route sales
    • Take home vehicles

    Battery Backup, accelerometers for driver behavior, OBD-II engine diagnostics. Integrates perfectly into our Fleet Management System.

    MT3060 Price
    $ 179.99

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  • Low Cost Tracker

    Low Cost Tracker
    Dependable • Basic Hardwired Tracker • Compact

    GV55VC Price
    $ 79.00
    On Sale!

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  • Monthly Service Plans

    1 Minute Moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off + Idling + Turn by Turn (Select Equipment)

    NimbleGPS60 Price
    $ 19.99
    On Sale!

    2 Minute moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off + Idling

    NimbleGPS120 Price
    $ 19.99

    30 second moving reports + all other features

    NimbleGPS30 Price
    $ 22.99
    On Sale!

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