Courier & Delivery Industry: HS3K OBD-II Plug & Play Car Tracker
Easy: Plug-n-Play

Featured Product: HS3K OBD-II Plug & Play GPS Tracker

Plug-n-Play GPS Tracking Device Excellent for capturing driver behavior trends. Especially good for keeping track of employee owned vehicles. Fully supports all GPS tracking features.

Courier & Delivery Van Tracking

Tools to Deliver On Time Performance - Safely

Delivery Tools

On-screen address lookup

Geofence & Landmark

Stop Reporting

Fleet Views


Vehicle Management

Vehicle Theft

Fuel Usage & Fuel Theft

Weekend Use of Equipment

Maintenance Module

Engine Diagnostics


Detect Heavy Footed Drivers

Identify Speeding

Your Brand & Bad Drivers

Nearest Driver

Customer billing questions

Safely Managing Delivery Vans & Couriers

Helping to provide local same day delivery services

Employee Owned Vehicles

The OBD-II devices are perfect for employee owned vehicles. Just hand the device to driver at the beginning of her shift and you are tracking.

Speed Reports

Keep track of driver behavior with email alerts for instant notification and speed reports for historical information.

Maintenance Module

Manage your fleet’s maintenance right in the same system. Maintenance cycles, reports and alerts make it easy to keep your fleet in top shape.

Heavy Footed Drivers

Jack rabbit starts and emergency breaking are bad for your business. Impacts saftey, vehicle life and company image. Detailed reports and status information at your fingertips.

Visualize On A Map

A powerful feature of all gps car tracking systems is the display of the car and its driving history on a map. Our state-of-the-art maps make it easy to zoom in and identify location visually.

Location Reports

Under our standard GPS car tracking plan, cars when moving, report location and speed every 2 minutes, when stationary, they report every hour. Additional reports include ignition changes, 5 / 10 minute idle. Other reporting intervals are available.

Time On Site

Between stop reports, idle reports and map views, you’ll easily be able to understand: on time delivery, time on site and downtime information.

Track Ignition On/Off

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Street Addresses

We provide detailed address information on our maps to help understand where your vehicles are. If you need routing information, easy to use on screen lookup tools are provided.

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