GPS Boat Tracker -Waterproof GV75

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Marine Tracking • Construction Equipment • Lawn Mowers • GPS Tracking

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  • Monthly Tracking Service: 15 Minute Moving Reports

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Great Equipment & Marine Tracker

This multipurpose tracker is great for rough environments – from marine to construction and just about everything in between. This device is waterproof, though, not submersible. We’ve deployed it in many different industries and uses. It’s size, low power consumption, battery backup and weather resistance make it one of the best GPS trackers on the market.

Peace of mind: Economically track your boat and personal watercraft. This hardwired device can be hidden above the waterline near the helm in a fiberglass or wood compartment. No external antennas. Wire in the ignition and enable ignition change alerts for a more comprehensive solution.

Marine Ready Waterproof GPS Boat and Personal Watercraft Tracking
Marine Environment Ready
  • Ignition alerts
  • Hourly reports when ignition off
  • Suggested monthly plan: 2 minute moving
  • No external anteanna
  • Ready for the marine environment

Battery Backup

This tracking device has low power consumption. Built-in battery backup provides hours of reports if vessel’s or vehicle’s battery is disconnected or goes dead. Enable the battery alert and the system will alert you when backup battery in use.

Cellular Networks

The device transmits whenever within range of GSM Cellular networks. When not in range, the device stores its data and reports when it connects. International coverage optional.



This little device is great for motorcycles. Easy to install, easy to hide. Low power consumption and battery backup. Can be configured to warn if the bike battery goes dead.

This tracking device is about 4 inches long and just under an inch thick. Built in antenna.


Marine & Boating

Perfect for Personal Watercraft, Center Consoles, Runabouts, Cruisers this GPS Tracker is great for inland and near-shore use. Be sure to check out our other boat tracking options. Waterproof (not submersible) so you can locate above the waterline at the helm in a fiberglass, plastic or wood housing. Needs no external antenna as long as there is no metal above the unit.

This will also add the following products to your cart:

  • Monthly Tracking Service: 15 Minute Moving Reports