GPS Temperature Tracking – GV75T


Temperature Tracking • Aux I/O • Weather Resistant

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Temperature Tracking at a Great Price

Reefer Temperature monitoring with up to two temperature probes remotely and in real time. Great for reefers and refrigerated trailers — or even in a restaurant with optional power supply. Because our temperature tracking is part of a GPS tracking system, you can advise customers on delivery schedule and delays – in real time. All the tools you need, at a great price, to ensure cold chain compliance. Run history reports to show proof of temperature and proof of delivery

  • Adjustable Alert Range
  • Temperature over time reports
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Comes with 1 temperature probe, add a second
Remote Reefer Trailer Temperature Tracking and GPS Tracking
Affordable Remote Temperature Tracking

Included With Your Temperature Tracker

Installation instructions, wiring harness and 1 temperature probe are included in the listed price. A second temperature probe can be added at time of purchase. A monthly data plan is required. We recommend our standard plan, but other options are available.

Temperature Tracker Physical & Technical Details

The temperature tracker is about 4 inches tall and waterproof. The probe wire is 8 meters and most accurate in the 14°F to 185°F range (Full range: -55°C to 125°C). Wiring is universal and requires only three connections: constant battery, ground and a wire that is on when refrigeration is running.

Temperature Monitoring Features

Track the temperature and duty status. Easy to use website allows you to set the expected operational temperature range. Our tracking system software monitors the range specified and alerts can be sent to your email on your phone for up to prompt response. Our suite of history reports and maps will show you where the vehicle has been and what the temperature was.

Integrate with Maintenance

Our system has a full featured maintenance module to help manage your fleet’s maintenance. Within the system, you can monitor runtime to support and manage maintenance cycles. After easy setup, the system will send you email to notify you of upcoming maintenance tasks.

Tracking Device Reporting

The GV75T with Temperature Probes sends location and temperature details to our servers on a preset schedule depending on the plan you choose. Our standard plan is at least every 2 minutes when refrigeration system is in operation and every 15 minutes when not.


Flexible: Great for Walk-In Refrigerators, too!

Temperature Tracking of Restaurant Refrigerators Add a fixed power supply and we can easily check a static walk-in refrigerator. Get alerted to power outages before you lose inventory!


Strategy: Deploy without Temperature Probes

Temperature Tracking of Restaurant Refrigerators Cover your whole fleet, use the GV75 Vehicle Tracker on your trucks and have a complete view of where all your trucks and trailers are located.