Plug & Play OBD-II GPS Tracking Device

Plug & Play OBD-II GPS Car Tracking Device


This  MT3000 Plug & Play OBD-II GPS Tracking Device plugs into the OBD-II port, no tools required.  This device is great for:

  • Employee owned vehicles
  • Route sales
  • Take home vehicles

OBD-II GPS Car Truck Tracking

This Plug & Play OBD-II GPS Tracking Device is custom programmed by our engineers and integerates perfectly into our Fleet Management System.

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Product Description

Plug & Play OBD-II GPS car tracking device plugs right into the car's onboard diagnostics port.  No fancing wiring. No complications.  The tracking device gets its power from the vehicle through the port.  it allso gathers additional data directly from the car or truck.  This Plug & Play OBD-II GPS Tracking Device has proven itself as an effective tool for managing your fleet. Our customers, looking for a removalable device have given it rave reviews.

GPS Tracking Device: Car / Truck Tracking

Manufacturer: Enfora MT3000

GPS Car / Truck Tracking:  All cars. Light and Medium-Duty trucks

Additional Information

Installation Instructions

Vehicle Tracker Installation Basics – For best performance, the Tracking Device should be mounted high up, just on the underside of the dashboard, pointing out the front windshield.

Included In Purchase

Tracking Device, SIM Card, Activation, Wiring Harness (if needed) and Installation Instructions

Tracker Service

Tracking Service is billed monthly.

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