Waterproof Equipment and Asset Tracker • GV75MG

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Industrial GPS Tracking: Marine & Boating • Construction Equipment • Landscaping & Lawn Mowers

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  • Monthly Tracking Service: 15 Minute Moving Reports

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Great Equipment & Marine Tracker

This multipurpose gps tracker is great for rough environments – from marine to construction and just about everything in between. This tracking device is able to be used outdoors but it’s not submersible. We’ve deployed it in many different industries and uses. Its size, low power consumption, battery backup and weather resistance make it one of the best GPS trackers on the market.


GPS Track your motorcycle This little device is great for motorcycles. Easy to install, easy to hide. Low power consumption and battery backup. Can be configured to warn if the bike battery goes dead.


Construction Equipment

GPS Track Construction Equipment Great product for construction equipment tracking: weatherproof and tough environment ready. Easy to install on all types of equipment.



GPS Track Landscaping Lawn Mower Equipment All weather tracker designed for environments like landscaping. Track your mowers as well as trailers and trucks. Protect your assets.


Marine Tracker

GPS Tracker Device for Marine and Boating Industry Full set of tools to track Boats and Marine Equipment. Track arrival, departure and location 24x7x365. Tracking Device is waterproof (not submersible) so locate it above the waterline.

All the Tracking Features

Peace of mind: Economically track all your equipment – mowers, bobcats, skid steers, and boats
Marine Ready Waterproof GPS Boat and Personal Watercraft Tracking
Marine Environment Ready
  • Ignition alerts
  • Battery Backup
  • No external antenna
  • IP67 Compliant:Ready for the marine environment
  • Auxiliary Input: monitor door switches, lights
  • Verify job-site performance
  • Multiple service plan options

Tracker Installation

No external antennas. This hardwired tracking device can be covertly hidden and installed in most equipment (bobcats, cranes, generators, mowers, trucks, etc.) and boats (water taxis, personal watercraft, jet-skis, yachts). We’ve got easy to follow installation instructions. The tracking device can’t be covered with metal, but it can be hidden under dashboards and fiberglass where it can still see the sky. In a boat, it should be above the waterline near the helm in a fiberglass or wood compartment. Wire in the ignition and enable ignition change alerts for a more comprehensive solution. This device also supports auxiliary input monitoring with a dry contact input.

Battery Backup

This gps tracking device has low power consumption. Built-in battery backup provides hours of reports if vessel’s or equipment’s battery is disconnected or goes dead. Enable the battery alert and the system will alert you when backup battery in use.

4G Cellular Networks

The device transmits whenever within range of AT&T and their roaming partner cellular networks. When not in range, the device stores its data and reports when it connects. USA coverage included, North America and International coverage optional. The GV75MG has a Global communications multi-band cellular modem for use worldwide.

Tracker Device Physical Features

This tracking device is 4 inches long and just under an inch thick (4.02 inches x 1.81 inches x 0.8inches). Weighs in at about 122g. Built in Li-Polymer battery backup. Meets the IP67 compliant waterproof specifications. Built in GPS and cellular antennas.

Service Plans

For equipment, we have several different plans beginning with hourly reporting. For customers who want to monitor runtime the 5 minute reporting plan or 15 minute plans are best. If you need to verify job-site performance to verify movement across a field (grader, lawn mower, etc.) we recommend our 2 minute reporting plan. When equipment engine is running and the key is on, you get reports at least every 2 minutes – likely more often as the 2-minute reporting plan includes turn-by-turn. When ignition off, the tracking device will report hourly.  Just let us know which plan is best for you.