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Monitoring Driver Behavior: The Big 4


The real risk to business owners with deployed fleets is driver behavior. Within driver behavior, there are many facets. Are the drivers speeding or driving erratically? Are they burning fuel with long idle stops? Jack Rabbit starts? Rapid braking? For the business owner, this translates to wasted fuel, dings on their reputation and in the very, very worst case, accidents that damage the owner’s livelihood. By monitoring driver behavior with GPS tracking the risk can be mitigated.

Let's look at the "Big 4" factors in what we in the GPS tracking business call driver behavior.

Front End Loader On City Street

We installed the gps tracking units in our fleet. Not even a week later, I’m reviewing the gps mapping data and I see my front end loader traveling up a city street to get coffee at a convenience store. Love the system! Pays for itself! Thanks.

Bob T., President, Paving Company

Driver Behavior

The term “Driver Behavior” is a catch all phrase that has many meanings.  To many, the first thought is speeding.  Usually that’s not the last thought, as it is quickly followed by thoughts of swerving through traffic and then to thinking about the underlying behaviors:  harsh braking and rapid acceleration.  Even idling with the engine running becomes a factor in evaluating driver behavior. As a business owner with vehicles in the field, these aren't random thoughts, driver behavior, and specifically ‘bad’ driver behavior is a pressing business concern.  Its not taken lightly and tools to assess and manage the trends are valuable. Our system provides several tools to help evaluate each of these factors providing insight to allow you to make good decisions: correct the bad behaviors and reward the good.

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