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Stolen Truck West Palm Beach

We’re in Palm Beach, our delivery truck was stolen on a Sunday morning. We used the system to find it in a garage down in Miami, two counties away. It took the police a little while to work through jurisdictional issues. But we knew where it was the whole time and eventually we were made whole. Tracker Systems made the whole ordeal easier to get through. Their team was great.

Pete, Beer Distributor, West Palm Beach Florida

Marine Thieves Beware

I Want my Outboards Back!

  We get calls for all kinds of uses for our real-time GPS vehicle tracking system other than for just fleet tracking, such as teen tracking, asset tracking, and theft recovery. An interesting call came in the other day from a boat dealer that had just had a $100,000 boat with twin outboard motors stolen. It seems that the thieves are primarily interested in the motors. They steal the boat, take it to a hidden location, remove the motors, and then dump the boat hull on the side of the road or set it adrift in the water.

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