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Tracking Devices

Fleet, Business and Consumer
GPS Tracking Hardware

 Power Supply: 12 or 24 Volt, Battery

 Tracking Auxiliary Equpment

 Hardwired vs. OBD-II Plug-n-Play

 Adjustable Reporting Intervals

Business & Fleet Focused Tracking Devices

We understand your needs.

Use our years of experience in the GPS Tracking and telecommunications industries. We've selected premier manufacturing partners to bring hardware options that cover a wide range of applications to meet your specific requirements.

Vehicle Compatibility

12V and 24V GPS Tracking Devices

We have hardware designed for 12 and 24 volt vehicles and equipment.

Reporting Frequency

GPS Tracking Device Does 2 Minute Moving Reports

Our business focused devices provide key on/ key off, stationary and moving location reports. The standard package for vehicle tracking is 2 minute moving reports. Packages with moving reports from 30 seconds to 15 minutes are also available.

PTO / Auxiliary Input

Tracking Device with ON/OFF input

Monitoring of relays, switches for pumps, doors, generators and PTOs is available on most devices by adding the aux input monitoring feature and hardware.

Weather Resistant

Water Resistant GPS Tracking Device

We have water resistant devices and custom made enclosures for extreme operating environments. Many of our devices have heavy duty enclosures that can withstand high heat, shock and vibration.


Different GPS Trackers makes no difference to our software.

Our different hardware devices integrate into our software seamlessly. All devices across a fleet are viewable together.

OBDII Plug-n-Play / Removable

OBD-II GPS Tracking Device

Perfect for independent sales reps, non-company owned vehicles, rental or leased vehicles. Our plug-n-play devices are easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

A Broad Range Of Tracking Devices

  • Low Cost Tracker

    Low Cost Tracker
    Dependable • Basic Hardwired Tracker • Compact

    GV55VC Price
    $ 79.00
    On Sale!

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  • Monthly Service Plans

    1 Minute Moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off + Idling + Turn by Turn (Select Equipment)

    NimbleGPS60 Price
    $ 19.99
    On Sale!

    2 Minute moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off + Idling

    NimbleGPS120 Price
    $ 19.99

    30 second moving reports + all other features

    NimbleGPS30 Price
    $ 22.99
    On Sale!

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  • Full Featured

    Full Featured
    Driver Behavior • Verizon® 3G • 12 or 24V Trucks • PTO/Aux Options

    GV300VC Price
    $ 89.00
    On Sale!

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