GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Device

A core component of the Vehicle Tracking System is the GPS tracking device.  The tracking device is easily concealed under the dashboard of the car, truck, other vehicle or asset to be monitored. This Tracker Device is connected into the vehicle’s electrical system with three wires:  battery, ground and ignition.   If power take off (PTO) is used, another connetion is made, possibly with a relay (our engineers will advise).   Depending upon the system purchased, an external antenna may also be installed.   This too is hidden under the dashboard.   The only requirement is to keep the antenna away from the speakers and radio.

Device Communications

The GPS Tracking Device communicates with our servers via the internet over the GSM cellular network.  The amount of data transmitted is smaller than a normal phone call, so even if cell phone coverage is spotty, its likely your device can still talk to our servers.   If connectivity is very weak, the device will timestamp and store its reports and as soon as it has connectivity, the data will be forwarded to our servers where it is parsed by our GPS Tracking Software. Our GPS Tracking devices are programmed to report at different intervals based on the vehicle activity.   Movement generates more reports so that our GPS Tracking Software can do more (address lookups, geo-fence entry and exit reports, etc) when needed.  The device sends data less frequently when the vehicle isn’t moving.  Custom reporting intervals are available if needed – contact our sales department for more information.

Real Time Reporting

The GPS Tracking devices also support an auxilliary input for customized reporting of external devices such as a Power Take Off (PTO) used to drive winches or hydraulics or a switched input (such as the door on a bus).   These generate data reports to our server that are shown on the maps and can then be used to view special reports for summary and analysis.

Evaluating New Technologies

We regularly review the various GPS Tracking devices that are available on the market and are very excited about the products that we offer.   We believe that these are the strongest and most reliable products.  Feel free to give us a call and we’ll be glad to describe them further. Included with your purchase is a detailed installation guide that will provide you or your installer the information needed to install and test the device. For a summary of the products we offer and how they are used, click here. For further information about how to apply our products to your application, call us at 877-872-2521 or send us a question.mtgu_small   The Enfora MTG series is our most popular tracking device.

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