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Affordable 24x7x365 Fleet Tracking

Affordable 24x7x365 Fleet Tracking

Vehicle Tracking For Less Than $1 A Day.

GPS Tracking Equipment

    Monthly Service Plans For Vehicle Tracking

    • 1 Minute Moving

      1 Minute Moving
      1 Minute Moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off + Idling + Turn by Turn (Select Equipment)

      NimbleGPS60 Price
      $ 19.99
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    • 2 Minute Moving

      2 Minute Moving
      2 Minute moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off + Idling

      NimbleGPS120 Price
      $ 19.99

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    • 30 Second Moving

      30 Second Moving
      30 second moving reports + all other features

      NimbleGPS30 Price
      $ 22.99
      On Sale!

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      Building a Vehicle Tracking Solution with You.

      GPS Vehicle Tracking System


      Rely on us to help design and implement a GPS vehicle tracking system that works for your business. Whether you have a variety of vehicles in your fleet, or all the same, we can work with you to make sure the system works for you.

      Who + What + When + Where + How

      We've listened to our customers and created the types of alerts and reports you need to know where you vehicles are, when they're being used and how they are being used. And, we've made it easy to use.

      GPS Car, Truck Vehicle Tracking System Experts and Consultants


      Track Cars, Track Trucks, Track Assets - and do it in one place. That's our solution. We've even integrated custom solutions for pumps and generators to monitor run time and status. We're here for you. We listen and we try hard.


      Our team is not lite on experience. We're problem solvers and listeners. Give us a call and we'll work to solve your problems and answer your questions.




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