Alerts & Monitoring: Automated Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software: Monitoring Options

Managing your fleet should be as automated as possible. We support this premise with a comprehensive suite of fleet monitoring alerts and geofence rules. Alerts break out into four groups of capabilities:

  • Monitoring what shouldn’t be happening.
  • Monitoring what is happening
  • Monitoring things around the unit
  • Monitoring where things are

These monitoring modes are supported by most of car and truck tracking devices. Some of the advanced monitoring modes, like temperature monitoring or pto monitoring will require specific tracking devices.

 gps tracking: monitor your fleet to get the most ROI

Monitoring: Things that shouldn’t be happening

In this group, we have monitor for batteries that are running low, moving vehicles that have without ignition being on and vehicles that are moving when they shouldn’t be.

Monitoring: What is Happening

A critical component of the monitoring system is focused on things that are going happening now. We include in this group speed alerts, ignition changes and idling over limits.

Monitoring: Things Around The Device

This group of monitoring includes the ability to sense around the device. And in this group, we include monitoring of PTO/Auxiliary inputs, that give the device the ability to report switch and light changes as well as Power Take Off device use. This family of monitoring also includes the exciting use of temperature probes to monitor temperature in Reefer units and restaurant refrigerators.

Monitoring: Where Things Are

This group of monitoring all of our GeoFence Monitoring. Geofences are virtual boundaries that you set up. These virtual boundaries can be rectangular, circular or multi-side polygons. We monitor the device data to determine if the device has gone into or out of a virtual boundary. We can even monitor to make sure the device’s reported speed inside the boundary is not over a speed limit you specify.

Fleet Management Software: Alert Specifics

  • Tow Guard Receive notification when the vehicle moves while the ignition is in the off position. The GPS tracking hardware has the capability to sense when the ignition is on or off, making this alert and many others possible.
  • Battery Guard Most of our GPS devices have an internal Li-Ion battery pack which automatically powers the device in the event external power is removed. When this occurs, the system can alert you.
  • Unauthorized Use The fleet management software allows you to configure days and times where the vehicle containing a GPS tracker is not allowed to be used. If use is detected an email is sent.
  • PTO / Aux Input Change This is an alert that will notify you if an auxiliary device or external input is triggered. For instance, the winch of a tow truck turning on or off, the PTO running a hydraulic pump, or a door opening or closing can be monitored with alerts being sent for each occurrence.
  • Speed Alerts A specific speed limit can be configured for each GPS tracking device in your fleet. If the speed is exceeded when compared to that which is reported by the GPS tracking device, an alert is sent to your email.
  • Idle Alerts Because the GPS device can sense its ignition status and whether or not it is moving, idling events can be measured with a great deal of accuracy. You can get alerted if the vehicle idles for five or ten minutes. Custom idle event times can be monitored as well.
  • Ignition Changes The ignition sense feature of the GPS hardware enables ignition changes to be monitored. Whenever the vehicle is turned on or off, you can receive an alert.
  • Geofence Entry/Exit The virtual boundary of a geofence can be configured in the GPS tracking software to notify you when a vehicle enters it, leaves it, or both. This feature can be used to monitor off limits areas or to trigger time card functionality. It can be used in conjunction with other alerts to notify of possible theft of vehicles or equipment.

Fleet Management Software: GeoFence Specifics

Geofences are virtual boundaries that we use to track enters and exits. We look at the current position and the previous to see if there was a change and if it crossed the boundary of the geofence. If it does, depending on your settings, we’ll send an email. Whether and email is sent, or not, we log the information and it is available to be reviewed in our reports section.

If you’re on the map page, a pop-up alert is shown as well.

Automated Fleet Management

We are true believers in automating systems to allow us to do other things. Our alert system is built on this premise and covers the tasks that are necessary to give you insight without making you keep your eye on maps and reports.

For even more details about the other components of our system, follow this Fleet Management System Link