GPS Asset Trackers

Asset Tracking Solutions

Today's technologies are better than ever and cheaper than you might realize. The combination makes monitoring your assets a realistic choice and an easy decision. Track your equipment, detect unauthorized use, monitor for run time usage to support maintenance, integrate with pto/auxiliary inputs.

Today's GPS Trackers do everything from monitor for tampering, detect light changes, detect crashes, monitor temperatures. For assets choose between battery powered gps trackers and solar power trackers. Manufacturers are building them weather resistant and heavy duty / rugged housings.

  • Harsh Environment & Weatherproof options
  • No External Antennas
  • Flexible monthly plans
  • Battery Backup & Battery Powered Tracking Devices
  • PTO / Auxiliary Input Detection
  • Low Reporting to Full Reporting Plans
  • Detect Unauthorized Use
  • Runtime Usage for Maintenance
  • Integrate PTO/Auxiliary Usage
  • Theft Recovery
  • Driver Behavior
  • Proof of Performance