GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our tools and analytics will power an effective GPS vehicle tracking strategy.

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gps vehicle tracking for fleets of all sizes

GPS Vehicle Tracking For Fleets of All Sizes.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

Choose from no hassle plug and play car trackers to installed vehicle tracking devices. Each class of tracking device has advantages. OBD-II gps trackers are hassle free and as an added bonus, send engine diagnostics. Our installed gps tracking devices are less prone to tampering and offer neat features like support for 24V power and PTO/Aux inputs.

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    8 Ways a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Adds Value

    Whether we’re talking Last Mile Delivery, Truck Tracking or Fleet Tracking: Any one of these, by itself, is a compelling argument to invest in our system.

    Theft Recovery

    Equipment lost by theft hurts two ways: the hassle to get insurance to pay and the downtime until it is replaced. Tracking vehicles and equipment can speed up the recovery time and minimize the loss.

    Proactive Monitoring

    Actively monitor your vehicles for speeding, Use unit maps or interactive playback function to analyze & review routes taken to identify inefficiencies, detours and personal stops.

    Geofences & Landmarks

    Email alerts and reports document when your vehicles arrive or depart designated locations. Landmarks can be used to identify customer locations, rest or fuel stops, or repair facilities.

    Customer Invoicing

    Use the tracking system to support and validate customer billings. Routes driven and time on site details can support nearly any customer claims.

    Equipment Utilization

    Our GPS vehicle tracking system provides hard facts about under-utilized trucks and identifies vehicles with excessive mileage. Our color coded charts provide at-a-glance answers. Monitor runtime and distance traveled. Calculate fuel economy and idle time and if equipped, compare to PTO time.

    Safety and Driver Behavior

    Speeding and hard braking put your company at risk. GPS vehicle tracking gives you the tools to improve driver behavior. Ensure compliance with rest and downtime requirements.

    Mileage By State

    Using our mileage by state report, its easy to calculate the supporting information needed for IFTA purposes. The report provides mileage by fleet, by truck, and by state to give you the insight you need.

    PTO/Auxiliary Input

    Auxiliary inputs such as PTOs can be wired into the GPS vehicle tracking devices. Our reports correlate the data with ignition state to identify unnecessary idling events without PTO usage.

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