Installed GPS Tracking Device Buying Guide

A Guide to Choosing The Right Tracking Device For Your Business.

When it comes to tracking your cars and trucks, there are a lot of gps tracking devices on the market. The goal of our GPS tracking device buying guide series is to highlight the differences and strengths of the different types of GPS tracking devices that are available. This page is all about the advantages of battery powered GPS tracking devices.

Our GPS Tracking Device Buying Guides Series:
Plug & Play Trackers |  Installed Vehicle Trackers |  Battery Powered Trackers |  GPS Trackers with Satellite Communication

Installed GPS Tracking Devices

Often considered the traditional GPS Vehicle Tracker. This group of hardwired GPS trackers are usually installed up, under the dashboard where they have an unobstructed (by metal) view of the sky and can receive GPS and cellular signals.

While these devices don't report vehicle engine data, the location reports are generally the same between the OBD-II car trackers and the installed trackers. We recommend the two minute reporting plan. Under this plan, we configure these GPS trackers to report, at a minimum, every two minutes when moving. They also report turn by turn, so their true reporting frequency is more often than two minutes. When not moving, they report hourly. These Vehicle Trackers can be configured to monitor for battery alerts, tow guard, unauthorized use and a series of other alerts.

Great for Service Industries

Service industry trucks like HVAC, Plumbing, Delivery – are often carrying valuable equipment and parts. Covert installation gives you comfort in knowing that the location of the vehicle is known.

Monitor Use of Equipment

These installed trackers support PTO / Auxiliary input monitoring. Know how often and how long your equipment is used.

Installed, Tamper-resistant

Installed GPS trackers are less prone to tampering. We won't say never, but its clear they are less likely to be removed when an employee wants to go 'off-grid'

12 & 24 Volt Source Voltage

Great for trucks of all sizes, these GPS vehicle trackers work in vehicles with 12 or 24 Volt power systems.

3-Wire Installation

We describe the installation as similar to installing a car radio. There's no antennas. Easy to connect and get operational. Want more details? Click here for our gps tracker installation guide.