Battery Powered GPS Tracking Device Buying Guide

A Guide to Choosing The Right Tracking Device For Your Business.

When it comes to tracking your cars and trucks, there are a lot of gps tracking devices on the market. The goal of our GPS tracking device buying guide series is to highlight the differences and strengths of the different types of GPS tracking devices that are available. This page is all about the advantages of battery powered GPS tracking devices.

Our GPS Tracking Device Buying Guides Series:
Plug & Play Trackers |  Installed Vehicle Trackers |  Battery Powered Trackers |  GPS Trackers with Satellite Communication

Battery Powered GPS Tracking Devices

In some use cases, tracking is important, but the vehicle or asset has no power. Battery Powered GPS Trackers can solve your problems. To conserve battery life, this family of tracking devices report less often and have replaceable batteries.

Battery Powered Trackers For Assets without Power Supplies

User Replaceable Lithium Battery Pack

Need we say more? This low reporting unit runs on batteries that you can swap out. Easily. On your own.

Low Power Consumption

These devices shift from dormant to active and send updates of its current location to our servers and return to dormant maintaining battery life for extended periods.


Designed for external use and tested to meet IPX7 compliance. Great for trailers, remote equipment.

Easy Installation

Use industrial adhesives, brackets or screw mounts for installation. Mount where it can see the GPS satellites and communicate with the cellular network. The batteries are accessed from the bottom, so do be careful with adhesives.