GPS Fleet Tracking

Our easy to use tools and analytics will power an effective GPS Fleet Tracking strategy.  Monitor cars, trucks and assets under one system. 

GPS Fleet Tracking

Business & Fleet Focused Tools

Use our tools to manage your fleet. Use our fleet management software's reports and graphs to verify routes and stops, monitor runtime. Manage idle time and calculate distances traveled in states to be in compliance with State and Federal Requirements.

 gps tracking monitors van speeding

Extensive Alerts

Our full suite of email alerts for fleet monitoring keeps you on top of your fleet and risks like speeding, unauthorized use and even low batteries

Data Driven Decisions

Our vehicle tracking system reports can help you make data driven decisions. Using up to date information, you can determine where vehicles have stopped, idled and were speeding - just to name a few.

Subfleet Groups

Making management easier, use our subfleet groupings. Run reports by subfleet. View on the map by subfleet as well.

Verify Routes & Directions

Generate driving directions right in our system. Review actual driving data through our playback function or run reports to check major stops.

Site Visit Reporting

Our reports make it easy to tell where your cars and trucks were and for how long. GPS fleet tracking and management becomes easier with the right tools.

IFTA Tools & Idle Reports

Maintain full compliance with regulations and requirements with our suite of reports.


Tracking Devices For GPS Fleet Tracking

We have the options you need.

Our gps fleet tracking devices cover the full spectrum of use cases. Whether you have a fleet of over-the-road trucks or a fleet of lawnmowers, we have the device for you needs.

 fleet gps vehicle tracking

12v or 24v and Battery Operated Units

We have tracking devices for vehicles with 12 and 24 volt power supplies. Have a scenario where you don't have power, such as a trailer? We have battery operated units.

Covert Installation

Hide the unit under the dashboard - out of sight. The GPS fleet tracking device can be hidden under the dashboard. It simply needs a metal free path to the sky.

No Special Antennas

The gps tracking device technology has improved and current devices rarely require special antennas.

PTO & Auxiliary Inputs

Using our Maps, Alerts and Reports, you can easily tell if your equipment is being used on the weekends and off hours, when you don't expect it.