• Equipment Tracking

    Equipment Tracking

    Equipment Tracking for Less Than $1.00 Per Day
  • Equipment Tracking

    Equipment Tracking

    Weatherproof • Satellite Trackers for Remote Locations • Rugged & Durable
  • Equipment Tracking

    Equipment Tracking

    Battery Powered & Solar Powered GPS Trackers

Equipment Tracking
We have a wide variety of Trackers to cover your unique needs.

 Satellite trackers for remote locations.

 Solar & Battery powered for powerless equipment.

 Eliminate employees using assests for side jobs.

 Improve odds of recovery: minimizing down time and Insurance hassles

 Monitor usage and runtime.

Tracking your equipment easily pays for itself. Let us show you how! We've got a wide variety of trackers that can help your business, from Satellite-based trackers for remote oil fields and construction sites to battery powered and solar powered trackers for unpowered equipment. We've got tracking devices for nearly any application.

    GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

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    GPS Tracking Construction Equipment From Graders to Job Boxes

    Powered Assets

    This class of assets includes generators, powered construction equipment (compressors, bobcats, skid-steers, loaders). Our devices feature low power consumption and rechargeable internal battery. Monitoring gives you peace of mind along with all kinds of reports.

    Unpowered Assets

    Cargo containers, trailers and job-site boxes can be tracked with our self contained battery powered asset trackers. Using a long-life replaceable battery along with longer reporting intervals can provide an operational life of over a year before battery replacement is necessary.

    GPS Trailer Tracking: Battery Powered
    Trailer Tracking / Unpowered   Construction Equipment

    Mower Tracking

    Tools Targeting the Lanscaping Industry

    Lawnmower Equipment Tracking Not Just for Theft Prevention

    Theft Recovery

    Loss of mowers means downtime and lost profits. Get email notification when a mower leaves your storage facility.

    Mower Utilization

    Identify maintenance needs based on runtime of equipment. Compare usage of your mowers on an easy-to-read chart to make sure the workload is balanced.

    Customer Proof of Performance

    Today, landscaping professionals need GPS Equipment Tracking to prove the specific property was maintained on the date and at the time stated.

    Tracking Hardware

    Our gps asset tracking devices are weather and vibration resistant, and easily concealable,

    Mower Trackers   Trailer Trackers

    Equipment Tracking

    Side Jobs

    Side Jobs

    Using our Maps, Alerts and Reports, you can easily tell if your equipment is being used on the weekends and off hours.
    Your Reputation

    Your Reputation

    One of the real risks of employees using equipment on the weekend is that customers think its really your business doing the work. If they are unsatisfied: your business takes the hit.
    Theft Recovery & Insurance Costs

    Theft Recovery & Insurance Costs

    Equipment tracking tools like geofences, can help recover equipment by notifying you when an asset has left the job site. While insurance might cover your loss, downtime is not always recoverable – and the paperwork is a hassle.
    Runtime & Usage

    Runtime & Usage

    GPS Equipment Tracking provides detailed hours of operation for powered equipment such as generators, chippers, skid-steers and lawnmowers.

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