Plug & Play GPS Tracking Device Buying Guide

plug in OBD2 GPS Tracking Device Buy Guide

A Guide to Choosing The Right Tracking Device For Your Business.

When it comes to tracking your cars and trucks, there are a lot of gps tracking devices on the market. The goal of our GPS tracking device buying guide series is to highlight the differences and strengths of the different types of GPS tracking devices that are available. This page is all about the advantages of battery powered GPS tracking devices.

Our GPS Tracking Device Buying Guides Series:
Plug & Play Trackers |  Installed Vehicle Trackers |  Battery Powered Trackers |  GPS Trackers with Satellite Communication

OBD-II Plug & Play GPS Trackers

This family of Plug & Play GPS Tracking Devices plug right into the car or truck's OBD-II diagnostics port. No wiring, No antennas, No configuration. Yes, just plug and play. In addition to location data, depending on the car and truck manufacturer, these gps trackers will send engine data including RPM and fuel levels, engine status (MIL codes) and even vehicle VIN numbers. Our system makes it easy to see this data as it changes over time.

Please note that we also offer J1939 Plug & Play Trackers for Heavy-Duty Trucks. Please call us at 877-872-2521 with any compatibility questions.

Deployed fleet of cars and trucks

OBD-II Trackers work really well when you have vehicles running out of remote offices. No worries about coordinating installers. Simply send a box of plug and play GPS trackers to your office managers.

Drivers 'bring their own cars'

Particularly effective when you only care about driver performance during their shift. Incentivize team members to plug-in when they're on duty. Get all the bonuses of GPS Vehicle Tracking even when you don't own the car or truck.

No Installation, Get Started 1-2-3

No Antennas, No Wiring, No added cost from installers. No configuration. Just plug into your vehicle and check the status online.

Assign device to driver, swap vehicles

If you have drivers who work shifts and share cars, give each driver a tracker with instructions to plug-in at the beginning of their shift.

Vehicle Diagnostic Data

These trackers, when plugged into compatible vehicles, return great car and engine information including: Fuel level, VIN numbers, Engine RPM and Engine issue codes. Exact details will vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer. Track the details over time.

Engine Data

Quick and Easy to review your fleet and determine which vehicles need fuel and which ones are reporting engine alerts. See which vehicles and drivers are being driven more aggressively.