Remote Temperature Monitoring For Reefers

Temperature Reporting

Using the units like the GV600 GPS Tracker with wired probes or wireless bluetooth temperature probes, we can collect temperature reports from inside your reefers. The temperature monitoring is usually programmed to report every 15 minutes when not moving and every two minutes when moving.

Location Reporting

In tandem with the temperature reports, we get our full location reports, sacrificing nothing as you get the same range of alerts and reports of our standard location trackers.

Bluetooth: Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Technology has evolved to enable wireless temperature and humidity monitoring. Ease and Simplicity in one package.

Detailed Reports

We collect and collate all your data into easy reports. You can pull the data when you need it or you can schedule the reports to be automatically sent to you. We never delete data, so you can easily put up reports from day one.

Technical Details

  • Temperature Range: -55°C to 125°C
  • 1 or 2 Wired or Bluetooth Sensors
  • Wired Sensors are 8M Cables
  • Weather Resistant Tracking Devices
  • Low Cost

Note: some details will vary depending upon specific device purchased.

System Features

  • Adjustable Alert Range
  • On Duty / Off Duty Controls
  • Email Alerts
  • Historic Reporting
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Ignition Change, Aux Input Options

Detailed Reports

Our easy to use Temperature alert controls allow you to select the operating range, enable each probe separately and control whether the device is on duty or off duty, easily pausing alerts. The device also monitors runtime so you can use our maintenance module to schedule service by days or hours. We don’t delete data, so if you need historic temperature information, we have it.