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      GPS Tracking Service Plans

      Monthly Service Plans - Vehicle Tracking

      • 1 Minute Moving

        1 Minute Moving
        1 Minute Moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off + Idling + Turn by Turn (Select Equipment)

        NimbleGPS60 Price
        $ 19.99
        On Sale!

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      • 2 Minute Moving

        2 Minute Moving
        2 Minute moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off + Idling

        NimbleGPS120 Price
        $ 17.99
        On Sale!

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      • 30 Second Moving

        30 Second Moving
        30 second moving reports + all other features

        NimbleGPS30 Price
        $ 22.99
        On Sale!

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        Monthly Service Plans - Asset Trackers

        • Battery Powered

          Battery Powered

          Reports Location twice per day. More frequent reports optional with reduced battery life. Maximum reports once per hour at no extra charge.

          NimbleGPS3600 Price
          $ 5.99

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        • 5 Minute Moving

          5 Minute Moving
          Hourly Stationary Reports + 5 Minute Moving Reports + Key On/Off + Idling

          NimbleGPS300 Price
          $ 14.99

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        • 15 Minute Moving

          15 Minute Moving
          15 Minute Moving + Hourly Stationary + Key On/Off

          NimbleGPS900 Price
          $ 9.99

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          Tracking Devices: Options & Tradeoffs

          Selecting the right tracking device is easier than you think.

          Power Supplies

          12 and 24 Volt GPS Trackers

          12 vs 24 Volts

          We offer devices to meet your electrical requirements: 12 and 24 Volt.

          Battery Backup

          Keep tracking when the vehicle battery dies or is stolen. Also keeps reporting when or fuses or power cables are unplugged. Depending on device the battery will provide an hour or so of reporting.

          Battery Power Options

          Trailers and Landscaping equipment often have unique power usage constraints and our battery powered units may be more appropriate.

          Installed vs. Removable



          This tracking devices can be hidden under the dashboard. They will work if they only have glass or plastic above them, metal will block the radio signals.

          OBD-II / Removable

          OBD-II tracking devices are great for easy installation, regular car swapping or employee owned vehicles.

          GPS Reports


          Standard Reporting

          Our standard devices report every two minutes when moving along with 5, 10 and 60 minute stationary report. This combination strikes a good balance between accuracy and data usage.

          Custom Reporting

          Increased reporting is available as an add-on. This is great for scenarios requiring more GPS accuracy like house to house services or even lawnmower tracking.

          Turns and Behavior Reporting

          We can also add reports to capture additional details related to turns and driver behavior.

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