GPS Truck Tracker



The GV350MA GPS Truck Tracker with internal battery backup is a Heavy Duty tracking device designed for vehicles with 12 or 24 volt electrical systems. It comes with a built-in rechargeable backup battery to continue tracking for up to 2 hours if power is removed. Three LED status indicators for device status. Optional Dual PTO / Auxiliary Input monitoring. Turn-By-Turn trail available. Monitors idling time, stationary and driving as well as long stops, route traveled, speed, run-time and more. Learn more about system features for truck tracking


Extensive Features

  • Driver Behavior
  • Turn By Turn
  • PTO/Aux Options
  • 12 or 24V compatible
  • Great 3G Coverage
  • Battery Backup

Many Industries

  • Long-Haul Trucking
  • Delivery Services
  • Construction
  • Waste Haulers

Dual PTO / Auxiliary Input Monitoring

This GPS Truck Tracker also has two inputs that can monitor power take off (PTO) devices like pumps and lifts. Talk to our sales rep for more details about GPS Trackers that support PTO Auxiliary Input Monitoring


Easy 3-wire hookup: ground, constant power and connection to a vehicle circuit that turns on and off with the key to send ignition state. This truck tracker has a built in antenna, so no messy antenna wires. The tracker can be located up under most modern dashboards, if it is located above any metal or wiring and the only material above it is the foam dashboard and glass window. The GPS and cellular data signals can penetrate plastic, glass, wood, but not metal. An ideal place in many vehicles is above an air conditioning duct. Installation instructions and power cable included with purchase.

Battery Backup

Internal backup battery kicks in if vehicle power is interrupted or tampered with and continues operating for up to two hours. Enable the monitoring alert and receive an email when battery backup occurs. Requires Tracking Service / Activation added at check-out. GPS Tracking DeviceGPS Truck Tracker / Car Tracker GPS Car / Truck Tracking:  All cars. Light and Medium-Duty trucks and Class 7,8 HD Trucks.

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