Battery Powered GPS Asset Tracker

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  • ST4290  side-end profile.
  • ST4290 view form end and slightly above.
  • ST4290 view from above.
  • ST4290 with optional mounting bracket
  • ST4290 mounting brackets.


Small Tracking Device for Trailers, Containers, Un-powered Equipment

The ST4290 Asset Tracker operates on a replaceable 8Ah Li-SOCL2 internal battery pack. No wiring is required. Just Attach and Track!

Optimized for the longest battery life, the manufacturer states that if set to report location 1X/day, it will last 4 years. Other reporting intervals are available - contact sales support for details. Batteries are included and replacements are readily available.

  • 4G-LTE, CAT1M
  • IP67 weatherproof rating
  • Optimal reporting interval is 1 or 2x/day
  • Max reporting interval is HOURLY
  • Great Battery Life
  • Motion Activated Reporting Option
  • Replaceable Batteries


Use Cases

The ST4290 is a battery operated GPS tracking device used to monitor the location of all kinds of un-powered assets.

  • Horse Trailers
  • Cargo Trailers
  • Semi Trailers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Large Inventory
  • Garbage Dumpsters

Weatherproof Tracking

This GPS Trailer Tracker features ratings for harsh installation environments - Waterproof, IP67 compliant.  The ST4290 can really help you with tracking assets that are valuable, but don't have power. Perfect for Dry Vans, Cargo Containers, Construction Trailers and Utility Trailers.

Monthly Service Required

Requires our monthly $6.99 asset tracking service . This will be added at checkout. The default reporting interval is 2X/day. More frequent or less frequent reporting can be arranged.

GPS Asset Tracker Features:

The ST4290 is a powerful waterproof GPS tracker designed for fixed asset tracking applications. It is powered by a user replaceable battery pack. Configured to wake up on a preset schedule to send an update of its current location, then return to a dormant state to maximize battery life.

  • Low power consumption. Long standby time.
  • Powered by user replaceable Li-SOCL2 battery pack
  • Internal u-blox chipset
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer for optional motion detection
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • CE/FCC certified

Mounting Options

Select between two optional mounting brackets - screw mounting bracket or magnetic mounting bracket.


  • Dimensions: 3.6in × 2.00in × 1.2in
  • Weight: 4.16oz
  • Operating temperature: -31°F ~ 167°F
  • Lithium Thionyl Chloride replaceable battery
  • Dust and Water Resistant: IP67
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Warranty Information

Weatherproof, Battery (Replaceable) Powered GPS Asset & Trailer Tracker

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