Fleet Management Software

Our tracking system has been designed to enable you to easily track your vehicles.  Our design team analyzed our customers work flows - whether they were tracking vehicles or tracking assets and put together a system that is intuitive and easy to learn.  


Keeping our customer needs in mind, we've done the easy: included color coding in the maps to indicate age of reports and the harder: creating reports to determine stops and time in geofences.  All to make the system responsive to our customers needs.  

  Fleet Management 101:

Fleet Management 101: Use the Maps

Best in Class: Google Maps

We've tested all the map systems on the internet and concluded that Google Maps are the best. Our main map page lets you run with up to three maps. You can set one for the fleet another for a sub-fleet and yet another to focus on one unit, or even a different sub-fleet. We've also created functionality to help you send a map to a vendor or a customer with a unit, a route, so they can follow along. And, we've created a simple Map Only page for your big screen monitor.

  • Multiple Maps on Map Page
  • Public Map Pages
  • Simple Map for Big Screen Monitor
  • Map Features: Traffic, Weather
  • Visualize Driver Activities
  • Identify Sub-Fleets By Color
  • Full Suite of Unique Icons
  • Color-Keyed- Icons
  • Route Play Back
Maps are at the heart of a GPS Tracking System

User Option: 3 Maps on the Map Page

  Fleet Management 201:

Automated Alerts

24x7x365 Information Gathering & Alerting

While its certainly relaxing and fun to watch the map update, let's be real, your job isn't to sit at a computer and watch the screen. Automated alerts monitor the data as it comes into our servers and monitors against the alert settings to determine if the report is in specification or not. When its not, we log it and send you an email. If you're online, it pops up and let's you know of the out of spec condition. We have quick reports on our map page and mobile apps. We also have more detailed reports that help when you want to review historic information.

Fleet Management 301:

Fleet Analytics & Reporting

Detailed Reports Covering Anything You Need

  • Report Families include: Status, Driver Behavior, Landmark & Geofence, Fuel Economy, Maintenance, Temperature Reports
  • Export the Data into PDFs, CSV, Excel
  • Run Reports on All Platforms
  • Same Reports on All Platforms

Analytics is the buzz word. And we've got analytics. Run reports across your fleet or subfleet to understand everything from device health to driver actions and behavior.

Stop reports are really effective to understand how your drivers performed their responsibilities - were they on site when they needed to be and were they at the right customers for the right amount of time.

Reports like speed, idling and driver behavior give you insight into the driver's actions. Were they driving too fast, idling too much and driving safely.

Our detailed reports include graphs and tables to help visualize the results

Fleet Management 401:

Monitoring and Compliance

PTO • Temperature • Hours of Service • Maintenance Module

We're offering a fully FMCSA Compliant Elog system through our partner Vistracks. No worries about HOS compliance with this integrated system. Great ELD Hardware options. Monitor Maintenance and receive alerts for upcoming maintenance based on mileage, runtime or date. Monitor Temperature and PTO along with your location to capture additional information from out in the field.

Cold Chain Temperature Management: As regulations evolve, being able to show temperature history of loads becomes critical.

Cold Chain Temperature Management: As regulations evolve, being able to show temperature history of loads becomes critical.

Fleet Management Extra Credit:

Apps & APIs

Mobile Optimized Web-Site, iOS and Android Apps • Accessible API

Access TrackerSystems.net on the go from your phone.

Access TrackerSystems and your data while you are on the go from your phone.

  • iOS: Phone & Tablet
  • Android: Phone & Tablet
  • Desktop: All Major Browsers
  • Mobile Browsers

Mobile OptimizedWe focused our mobile site and apps on getting you the data you need with the fewest number of taps in the smaller screen size. It's organized by unit and gives you the latest details about each. We've got quick menu items to give you alert, geofence and temperature details. Out on the road and need more details - we support of all of reports.

Some people like apps, some people like browsers. We've got you covered with iOS and Android apps as well as mobile browser via our mobile optimized website.

For the heavy lifting, we have our desktop tracking system that gives you all of our features and capabilities. All easily accessed - just a mouse click away.

Mobile or Desktop: All your data is safe behind SSL/TLS connections