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GPS Track Mowers and Landscaping Equipment
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Track usage and runtime of woodchippers and equipment
Aux Inputs for Device Runtime
Battery Powered Tracking for Trailers
Battery Powered Available

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Track your Mowers

Improve productivity through technology

We've found that our customers use GPS Tracking a number of ways to improve their business. Some use it for theft recovery - and we've heard some great success stories. Others use it to manage their teams. The eye in the sky approach - they know which teams are on which jobs and who's moving where. They know how much time each job should take and our reports and maps let them validate one job from another. Still others use our stop reports to prove to their customers that their team was on the job on their site when they said they were.

Pays for itself

Helps In Theft Recovery

Proof of performance at job sites

Run Time reports for maintenance

Identify 'cash' side jobs

Key Reports

Runtime report

Stop Report


Geofence Entry/Exit

Track Mowers for Usage as well as Theft Recovery

Hardware Up To The Task

Hardware Options:
Durable & Weatherproof Trackers

Powered by the mower or internal battery

Small & Durable

Dirt, Weather, Vibration Resistant

Key On / Off reports

Moving Reports: choose 15, 5, or 2 minute updates

No Contract!

Utilize our advanced reports to determine which equipment was used on which job sites. Gain insight and compare runtime usage across your mowers. Understand usage patterns including sites, idling and more.

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