Rugged Durable GPS Trailer Tracker

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  • Versatile, Rugged, Durable GPS Trailer Tracker - features include long backup battery life, PTO / Auxiliary Input Options, Wired and Bluetooth Temperature Tracking
  • Rugged, Waterproof, Durable GPS Trailer Tracker - features include long backup battery life, PTO / Auxiliary Input Options, Wired and Bluetooth Temperature Tracking
  • Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, Temperature and Humidity Sensor. Easy installation.


The GV600M: A Rugged & Durable GPS Tracker at a great price

This Tracker covers a lot of bases!

  • Rugged and Durable GPS Tracker
  • Waterproof, IP67 Compliant
  • More than a month Backup Battery (depending upon reporting interval)
  • Operates on 12V and 24V DC Systems
  • LTE Coverage in USA with Canada and Mexico coverage options
  • New GV600MG version offers 4G/LTE worldwide - call for international coverage options

The GV600M is versatile, waterproof, full-featured GPS tracker. Its built-in GPS receiver provides highly accurate position and time. The wideband 4G wireless communications subsystem allows the GV600M's location and input data to be monitored in real time or on a periodic basis in North America and now worldwide. It includes a long lasting backup battery for fail-safe operation up to 90 days. The ruggedized housing has three LED indicators that signal device status. All this, in a package that is rugged, lightweight and affordable

Alternative Uses - GV600M GPS Tracker

Reefer Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Tracking - 1 or 2 Probes or Bluetooth

Using add-on single or dual temperature sensors this device can provide real-time temperature monitoring of mobile or fixed commercial refrigeration systems. Complete temperature monitoring system with alerts & notifications. Just order with the 1 Temperature or 2 Temperature Probes Cable Option, or choose wireless Bluetooth Probe Options.

Trailer Tracking

Affordable Reefer and Trailer Tracking

This is a great tracking device for trailers and heavy duty equipment. Large rechargeable battery allows it to operate when power is removed for long periods of time (a month or more, when fully charged). Just order with the Simple Cable Option

Marine Tracking

GPS Track your Boat, PWC

The combination of waterproof packaging and long battery life make this a great option for tracking your boat or PWC. Wire it in, above the waterline, and you've got a great marine tracker. Just order with the Simple Cable Option

Auxiliary Input

GPS Track your PTO/Aux Input

Monitor run-time usage of Power Take Off equipment, light usage, water pump usage and similar equipment. Get detailed operational data with the same location tracking device. Just order with the Deluxe Cable Option

Construction Equipment Tracking

GPS Track your Construction Equipment

This is a great tracker for tracking usage or for to assist in theft recovery. Great in all kinds of powered equipment including skid steers, bobcats, bulldozers, graders and generators. Just order with the Simple Cable Option, unless you need PTO too, then order the Deluxe Cable Option

Monthly Service Plans

The built in battery recharges with constant power. It will last more than a month when the reporting frequency is low. For longest life on battery, we suggest a lower reporting frequency. Better trails come with higher reporting frequency.

Trailer Tracking
If the trailer is connected to a tow vehicle for at least 10 hours a week, and receives adequate charging then hourly reporting will give you better battery life. 15 minute reporting is also possible.
Marine Tracking
With good power supply, the device will easily handle two minute reporting data plan to generate an accurate movement trail. For theft recovery, more battery life may be desired and a lower reporting plan should be selected.
Construction Equipment
This is a great device for powered equipment (think Skid Steer, bobcats, bulldozers, graders, generators, air compressors) which have good power sources to operate unit and charge the battery. Equipment like light plants, sign trailers, solar powered equipment should consider our battery powered or solar powered trackers.
Temperature Tracking
Depending on your requirements, weighing location reporting needs, temperature monitoring requirements and battery life, this device can support 2 minute, 5 minute or 15 minute reporting. Less often, from a temperature monitoring reporting perspective, is less desired.

Cable Options for GV600M GPS Tracker

The GV600MA requires a cable to connect the device to power. There are four options to choose from.

Simple Cable
The Simple Cable option is the basic option. Choose this to simply get power to your tracking device.
Deluxe Cable
The Deluxe Cable option is the cable to choose if you'll be needing PTO/Aux Input or Temperature Probes.
1 Temperature Probe
If the device will be tracking temperature, select the 1 Probe option to receive the 8m cable.
2 Temperature Probes
Select the 2 Probe cable option if the device will be tracking temperature in two locations

GPS Tracker Installation

This device is water resistant and should be installed where it has an unobstructed (by water or metal) view of the sky. Basic wiring is a simple  hookup: power, ground and ignition. PTO requirements are a bit more complicated. Check out our GV600MA Install Guide

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Warranty Information

Rugged & Durable, Waterproof GPS Tracker with Month+ Backup Battery

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