Solar Powered 4G GPS Trailer Tracker

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  • Solar Powered GPS Tracker with large built in battery, also supports bluetooth temperature puck.
  • Solar powered gps tracker with extended built-in battery.  Great for trailers and construction equipment. Easy installation.
  • Solar powered GPS Tracker for trailers and construction equipment.  Optional temperature tracking available too
  • Solar Powered 4G GPS Trailer Tracker
  • TSTH-1 Bluetooth Low-Energy Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Solar Powered 4G GPS Trailer Tracker


The TLP2 Solar Powered GPS Tracker operates on solar power and contains an internal battery pack to extend reporting when no sun is available. Choose from data packages that allow for reporting every 5 minutes to those that have hourly reporting options.

Battery Capacity: with recharging this GPS Tracker can report every 15 minutes for virtually forever. No sun? According to the manufacturer, this tracker can report every 5 minutes for 170 days. That's right, almost 6 months!

No wiring is required. Just attach and track! The TLP2-SFB GPS tracker has mounting holes at each of the four corners and is shipped with four stainless steel screws. Other mounting options include double-sided adhesive tape or marine 5200 sealant.

Use Cases: This tracker is a great trailer tracker. Mount it high and flat on the roof and you’ll have great sun access and little concern about removal. We also see this having great value for tracking all kinds of construction equipment – whether they have power or not.

Temperature Tracking

The TLP2-SFB has Bluetooth which enables wireless communication with an assortment of sensors. The most popular sensor is a temperature and humidity puck. It can be mounted in front of the return air duct of a refrigerated trailer. The observed temperature will be included with each GPS location update, as frequently as every 5 minutes. Alerts can be set where there is a high and low temperature range. If a reading falls outside the defined parameters, an alert will be sent. The violation will also be visible on the tracking platform. Temperature History reports can be printed to show a graph of the temperature for a specificed period of time. This is a great thing to provide to shipping customers to verify the load has remained within the required temperature range.


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Asset Tracker • Solar Power • Weatherproof • 4G

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