Low Cost Solar Powered GPS Trailer Tracker

Usually ships in 24 hours.
  • ST4955 Solar Powered Tracker with long battery life, great for assets without power supplies as it uses the sun to charge.
  • The 4G ST4955 asset tracker comes with a large solar panel and large battery, the combination gives it a long life to report.
  • 4G ST4955 asset tracker in its mounting cradle which makes it easy to mount this tracker on equipment where it can gather sun.


4G Water Resistant Solar Powered Rugged Case

That sums up this GPS Tracker.  Large solar planel charges its large 5.2 Ah battery.  The combination of solar panel and battery sets up this GPS Tracker for great long-term use.  

This is a great tracker for trailers and construction equipment.  Installation requires the bracket be mounted with screws.  The Tracker snaps into the mounting bracket.  No wire installation as its self powered by the solar panel.  

Technical Details

This GPS Tracker is LTE Cat M1.  The extremely efficient solar charging amount is 40mAh per 1 hour.  Operates between -20°C and +60°C.  This device is about 4 by 5 1/2 inches.  With the mounting bracket, it is about 2 inches thick.  

Options for Use

We see this tracker being a great option in marine, construction and trailer environments.  Mount it high up where it can gather sun, stay out of the way and report its location to our servers on a regular basis. 


Mounting Bracket

Order the mounting bracket as well to make this a seemless installation.  The cradle mounts with screws and you snap the tracker into the cradle.




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