4G Plug-in GPS Vehicle Tracker

Usually ships in 24 hours.
  • No Installation Plug and Play OBD-II GPS Tracker.  Track cars and light vehicles.  Easily swap between vehicles.
  • No Installation Plug and Play OBD-II GPS Tracker.  Track cars and light vehicles.  Great for tracking employee owned vehicles and monitoring location of delivery vehicles.  Easily swap between vehicles.


Low-cost Tracker + Easy Plug n Play Installation = Great Deal!

(Tracker requires 3 month advance payment)

Automobiles • Cars • Trucks with OBD-II connectors

  • Easy Install
  • Plug & Track
  • Easily Swap Vehicles
  • 4G-LTE, 3G Fallback
  • Built-In Backup Battery
  • Ignition & Turn by Turn
  • Wiring up a regular tracker too much of a challenge? Check out this 4G Plug and Track Tracker. Simply plug the tracker into the vehicle’s OBD-II socket and you’re ready to start tracking. Best-in-class tracking device makes this tracker an easy decision for many customers. The price point is great for this tracker.

Ignition change reporting comes standard with all rate plans. With the 1 minute reporting rate plan, this unit does great turn-by-turn reporting. Turn by turn reports occur when there is a significant change in direction of the vehicle. These extra reports give you detailed trails on the map.

Integrates 100% with our online system. Easily access the data on our online system from your computer or use or Apple or Android App from your phone.

Monthly data plan is extra and includes all of the device’s airtime and your access to our online systems.

Need to integrate your data with another system? Ask about our easy to use web-api. That’s included too.

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