Fleet Tracking Analytics

While maps and alerts provide instantaneous information, effective reports help you analyze data over an extended period of time. Analytics help you take a step back and look at your fleet, its usage and helps you formulate ideas and strategies for better management. We provide a suite of reports & graphs that help you manage your fleet and monitor driver behavior.

Reporting Capabilities: An Extensive Toolbox

Stop Reports

Our stop reports provide insight where your cars and trucks spend their time during the day: how long they are at customer sites versus how long they spend driving to sites. Aid in determining if deliveries were made on time. The software allows for fleet-wide graphic comparisons of driving vs. idling vs. stopped.

Idle Reports

Cut fuel costs by using this report to identify excessive idling trends. Filter the report to show idling events longer than a specified amount of time. As with other reports, a graph can be viewed to see how each vehicle stacks up against the entire fleet.

Distance and IFTA Requirements

This family of reports gives you tools to support fuel economy estimates and backup for IFTA State reporting requirements.

Runtime Report

The runtime report provide feedback on fleet usage. Track hours of operation of each vehicle

PTO Auxiliary

Analyze the use of PTO/Auxiliary tools. Review usage and interaction with Idle. Special devices may be required.

Reports and Graphs critical feature of fleet management software


Set up Geo-Fences, virtual boundaries around geographic areas, to monitor vehicle entry and exit. This can be used to validate payroll and monitor take-home vehicle use. Geo-Fence any place a vehicle should not go or any place it should stay.

Alert History

Review all e-mailed alerts for a vehicle or the entire fleet. Helpful for improving driver compliance.

Alert History – Auxiliary PTO Input – Distance – Fuel Economy – Excessive Idle – Idle PTO – Geofence History – Geofence Inventory – Geofence Summary – Landmark Inventory – Miles per State – Notes – Overspeed – Special Events – Stop Basic – Stop Detail – Unit List View – Runtime

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