ELD/HOS FMCSA Compliant System

Electronic Driver Logs and Hours of Service Solution For Your Fleet

GPS Tracker + J1939 + HOS Software

Alerts & Notifications before compliance issues

Integrated Pre & Post-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Android for Drivers • Website for Managers

All The Tracking System Features: Maps, Alerts, Geofences, Maintenance Module

ELD for FMCSA Hours of Service Compliance

ELDs for Hours of Service Compliance

FMCSA Compliance: ELDs & HOS Reporting

The Hardware

Tracking Device plus J1939 Connector ELD HOS FCMSA Compliance

Double duty device – sends RPM, Ignition to App over Bluetooth and location data to our servers. The combination gives you FMCSA compliance(ELD/HOS) and vehicle tracking with engine diagnostics. Both services – one package convenience.

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The App

Hours of Service Driver Android App on Tablet

Easy to Use Android App. Designed with ‘Big Fingers’ in mind. All the functions and features required for your drivers to be fully compliant with the regulations. Simply download from the Android App Store.

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The Backoffice

Full Management WebSite Supports Drivers HOS FCMSA Compliance

Full-featured HOS management system available for monitoring, review and adjustments. Highlights and alerts are integrated with our tracking system dashboard. Easy to use convenience. Easy setup.

Management Tools

FMCSA Compliance: What You Need to Know

HOS/ELD Information for Fleet Owner
HOS/ELD Information for Fleet Owner

HOS/ELD & The Fleet Owner

The Geometris tracking device plugs into the J1939 Truck Engine Diagnostics port and connects to the tablet or phone over Bluetooth. Using this connection, the relevant data is transferred. The best solution is to assign a tablet to the truck to avoid bluetooth pairing. Other customers assign tablets to the drivers. Either works.

The Geometris device supplies our servers with the traditional location data that you can use for all of your other fleet management goals.

ELD Features ELD Benefits ELD FAQ

Driver & Owner Operator

Our easy to use Hours of Service status app make recording duty status a breeze. Adopting electronic logbooks now, will make the transition easier. Big buttons, ability to send records of duty status and color highlights make the interface easier to use than paper logbooks.

More Info for Drivers
Driver & Owner Operator
Driver & Owner Operator Compliance Details

Timeline for Compliance
Compliance Timeline Details

Timeline for Compliance

FMCSA with its recent release of rules has specified a three phase process for adopting Electronic Logging Device compliance over the next four years. The first phase is about awareness and transitioning from paper logs to electronic logs.

Compliance Timeline Info

Hours Of Service / ELD Questions?
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The Benefits of Implementing Electronic Driver Logs

Quicker Easier

ELDs make it easier, simpler & quicker to keep driver logs

Limit Mistakes

Limit mistakes and reduce form and manner errors.

Share Schedule

Provide information to drivers and motor carriers so that drivers can better manage fatigue and schedule issues.

Accurate Records

Correctly record location and accurate information to easily track duty status.

Enhance Compliance

Are a good management tool and back office asset to improve productivity and enhance compliance

Less Paperwork

There is less paperwork, and driver logs are orderly, clear and accurate.

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