GPS Truck Tracking Devices

GPS Truck Tracking Devices

GPS Truck Tracking: Comprehensive Fleet Management Tools

Find your trucks 24x7x365! Choose from any of these great gps truck tracking devices. These reliable trackers are great for heavy duty trucks. They come with battery back up and handle variable input voltage. In other words, they’re designed for everything from over the road trucks, commercial delivery vehicles, waste haulers to tow trucks. Choose from 3-wire installed trackers or easy to use plug-and-play devices.

Do you need FMCSA ELD Tracking? We have you covered! Data collection for IFTA? Check! Idle Reporting? Check! Temperature Monitoring? Check! PTO? Check!

Speed Alerts • Geofence Alerts • Idle Reports • ELD/Elogs/IFTA
PTO • Temperature Monitoring
3-Wire Installed Or Plug & Play Options

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GPS Truck Tracking For Over The Road Trucks: Temperature Monitoring and ELDs

ELD/Hours of Service

No extra hardware required. We’ve integrated with the best HOS company to create a great solution for simultaneously tracking your trucks and capturing the data necessary for HOS Compliance

IFTA Reporting

We make it easy to gather the information necessary to submit your IFTA fuel tax reports. Our easy to run & read reports give you the mileage traveled in every state in the US and the equivalent in Canada and Mexico.

Our GPS Tracking Platform is a full fleet management system.  It allows you to track any number of trucks.  You can run various reports, view unit trails, look at a historical data.  We have alerts for idling, speeding, ignition changes and many more. Interested in PTO / Auxiliary inputs, we track them.  Reefer temperatures, we track them.  24x7x365 Access to your truck location from our desktop system or iOS/Android Apps.