Installation Guides For Vehicle Tracking

Step by Step Install Instructions for all Device types

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Plug & Play GPS Trackers

Like the Geometris, Coban 306A and MT3060

The OBD-II plug in units are easy to install, but we’ve got instructions to help.

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Plug & Play OBD-II • Battery Backup • Engine Diagnostics

306A Price
$ 9.99
On Sale!

GPS Vehicle Trackers

Like the GV55VC, GV300VC, GV75

Easy to follow instructions for 3-wire (ground, power, and ignition) GPS Vehicle Trackers. The white wire is critical for ignition. Label up, no metal between the unit and the sky.

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Dependable • Basic Hardwired Tracker • Compact

GV55VC Price
$ 79.00
On Sale!

Battery Powered Trackers

Like the Atrack AS1, GL505N & the SmartOneC

Installation instructions and advice for our battery powered trackers and our satellite communication trackers.

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Battery Powered Tracker • Replaceable Batteries • Weatherproof

GL505N Price
$ 189.99

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