2-wire Installed Car or Truck Tracker

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3G • Internal Antenna • Backup Battery • 2-Wire Installation

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  • Monthly Tracking Service: 2 Minute Moving Reporting

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Dependable, Compact, Installed Car or Truck Tracker

Easiest to install hard-wired under-dash tracker requires only two wire (battery and ground) hookup and still provides engine run and idling detection. Small size and mounting tabs make attachment with zip ties or screws simple. Excellent route trail with 30, 60 or 120 second reporting intervals – see monthly Tracker service plans. We’ve had a lot of great feedback on this truck tracker. Its dependable and low cost. It is an installed unit – usually placed under the dash of a car or truck.

The GEOAVL65 is a reliable GPS tracker, great for tracking vehicles in many industries, including:

  • Service Industry: plumbers, A/C repair teams, electricians
  • Landscaping: Service trucks
  • Waste Haulers
  • Municipal and Government Accounts
Car Truck GPS Tracker Installed
Installed GPS Truck Tracker

Recommended Monthly Service Plan

  • We highly recommend our 2 Minute Moving plan. With this plan, the truck tracker sends speed and location at least every 2 minutes when the ignition is on. Because this device does turn by turn, actual reporting is usually more often. When ignition is off, status reports are sent hourly.
  • Having said that, we also offer 30 or 60 second reporting intervals for this tracking device.

GPS Tracking Information

The device sends its reports to our server and we process the data. Our website then gives you the ability to see the devices on the map. Our website is easy to use and your data is always available. We can show you the data on a map or run an extensive suite of reports on the data.


The GEOAVL65 GPS car or Truck Tracker installs under the dash of most vehicles with 12 or 24 volt electrical systems. Easy to install with either a 2-wire or 3-wire hookup. With the 2-wire installation, the device senses ignition based on the voltage level. Installation instructions and power cable are included. No messy antenna cables. Small size and mounting tabs make attachment with zip ties or screws simple. The housing has three LED status indicators that signal device status.

Requires Tracking Service / Activation added at check-out.

GPS Tracking Device: Truck Tracker / Car Tracker
GPS Car / Truck Tracking:  All cars. Light and Medium-Duty trucks and Class 7,8 Heavy Duty Trucks.