Free GPS Tracking Device with Purchase of 3 Months Service

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Buy 3 Months of Service • Get Free GPS Tracker

3 Months Tracking Service: OBDII Devices

3 Months Tracking Service for OBDII GPS Tracker Devices

Plug and Track Vehicle Tracker

Plug & Track • No Installation • Built-In Battery Backup

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Fantastic Deal! Equip your whole fleet: buy the first three months of service, get Free Trackers.

After three months, service renews at the regular rate of $19.99 per unit per month. Monthly service includes: 1 minute reporting plus turns when ignition on, hourly reports when not moving. Sufficient reporting to provide detailed trail of where your vehicles go and how they got there. Detailed reports for stops, speeds, even set geofence reports for when you vehicle enters or leaves your yard or job sites. Email alerts for geofences, ignitions, overspeed and much more. Monthly service includes website and iOS and Android apps. Cellular data charges are included in the all inclusive package price.

GPS Tracker

This bundle features our TopFly GPS Tracker. Our customers have had a lot of success with this tracker. Zero installation costs: you plug it directly into the OBD-II diagnostics port. Solid Reporter – we activate this unit on AT&T’s 4G LTE network to keep you connected. Awesome map trails – the reporting package described above gives a lot of reports, see the car on the map, all the turns, u-turns, short cuts and drive-thrus – its all there.

Neat Features

  • Battery Backup – Dead battery? Unplugged Device? A built-in battery backup will keep you covered for a bit.
  • Store & Forward – Lose cellular connectivity? The device stores data and when it reconnects itself, it’ll send us the data. Stored timestamps keep it all straight
  • Maintenance Module – Our website includes a full maintenance tracking system to help you manage your fleet and its service needs.
  • Routing System – Our software can help organize your stops and routes to find the most efficient and effective routes for vehicles.

Tracking Done Right

Our system really helps you and your team manage your fleet more efficiently. We’ve coupled together really good, sturdy, cost-effective hardware, with solid cellular networks and our own software platform to create a system that you can use every day all day. Also included is access when you are on the go with our iOS and Android apps for your phone or tablet. Our website has everything from maps, reports, routing to maintenance management to help you manage your fleet. We’ve optimized our mobile apps to focus on giving you the information you need when you’re on the go with quick, at your finger tip access to location and maps. A Great Deal: Buy GPS Tracking Service Get Free Tracking Device