Heavy Duty Plug-In Truck GPS Tracker• GEO87

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Plugs into Truck Diagnostic Connecter • FMCSA certified for ELD DOT

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  • Monthly Tracking Service: OBDII Devices

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Heavy Duty GPS Truck Tracker – Plug and Play

Truck Tracking with optional HOS/ELD Solution:

Tracker’s Hardware Feature

  • Plug and Play
  • 4G LTE Communications
  • North America Coverage Area Available
  • 12 or 24 Volt System Compatible
  • Service Plan Includes IFTA and engine diagnostics
  • Bluetooth LE to connect to ELD HOS App
  • Battery Backup for Uninterrupted Operation
  • Ideal for Owner/Operator and Large Fleet Operators
  • Connects to almost any truck with the proper adapter – OBDII & Volvo/Mack, J1708 6 Pin, J1939 9 Pin


  • Canada, USA, and Mexico coverage available
  • Captures engine diagnostics like coolant temperature, RPM, odometer, fuel, engine load
  • Integrated design enables use for both eLOGS and GPS tracking
The OBD87 is an easy to install (Plug-and-Play) telematics device that delivers real time engine diagnostics and vehicle tracking through a robust set of features. Using industry standard CAN bus protocols, the OBD84 can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. The Bluetooth LE feature enables easy integration with an on-board tablet or smartphone for FMCSA-certified eLOGs and Hours of Service. The OBD87 utilizes HyperGPS technology for improved GPS performance and dramatically reduced time to first fix.

Wiring Details

Tracker may need a 9-pin or 6-pin adapter. We also have stubby and cable versions. Call for details and to determine complete options for your specific vehicle.

Add our ELD software

This Geometris whereQube Eng™-80 Series device has been certified with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) when used with ELD Service software to provide a FMCSA Certified Solution. Plugs into the trucks Diagnostic Connector (adapters required for J1939 and J1708) and integrates with the ELD HOS software and your tablet or smartphone (Add Electronic Logs Service separately).