Solar Powered GPS Trackers

Solar Powered GPS Trackers

4G or Satellite Solar Powered GPS Trackers

Solar Powered GPS Trackers add a whole new dimension to your asset tracking options. For a long time, power was the limiting factor to tracking your assets in remote areas. With our Solar Powered trackers, that’s no longer an issue. We have two options: 4G/LTE Solar trackers and Satellite GPS Trackers. The 4G Solar Trackers use the cellular networks while the Satellite trackers use Globalstar’s satellite network to transmit the data.

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  • Solar Powered Satellite GPS Tracking Device.  Worldwide Coverage.  Satellite data transmission.
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    Solar Powered Satellite Data GPS Tracker


    ** One of the most exciting trackers we've carried! **   For many customers, this devices puts all the answers together in one package: a solar powered satellite GPS Tracker. Goes almost anywhere attached to your assets. Reports several times a day...
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