Advanced Dashcam

  • AI-12 Dashcam - Front facing, right angle
  • AI-12 Dashcam - Front facing, left angle
  • AI-12 Dashcam - Rear facing, left angle
  • AI-12 Dashcam - Rear facing, right angle
  • AI-12 Dashcam - Feature diagram
  • AI-12 Dashcam mounted, right angle view
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Real-time GPS Tracker and Dashcam with Live Video Streaming

The AI-12 is a compact, all-in-one GPS tracker and dashcam.  It is way more than the passive dashcam recorders you may be familiar with. The "AI" in AI-12 stands for Artificial Intelligence. The device is so smart, it can instantly detect different adverse driver behaviors like Drinking/Eating, Smoking, Distracted Driver, No Seatbelt and Cell Phone Use. You can even get alerts when one of these events happen and view the video instantly!

Easy to Install GPS Tracker

We chose the AI-12 GPS/Dashcam Tracker because our customers wanted an easy-to-install device that was equally easy to operate. Stick the camera on the windshield and connect two wires to +12V power and Ground, then press Calibrate on the convenient, built-in touchscreen.

Key Specifications

  • PTCRB certified 4G connectivity
  • Built-in GPS
  • Battery for Parking Mode
  • Sensors to detect driving conditions
  • Tamper resistant SIM and SD card slot
  • Built-in WiFi for connectivity to IoT device and aux cameras
  • 1080P HD adjustable wide-angle, road-facing camera
  • 720P HD adjustable wide-angle, cabin-facing camera with IR for driver monitoring day or night
  • Touch screen to assist in installation, view camera, and provide driver coaching

Suggested Data Plan

To accomodate the real-time GPS tracking and streaming video this device is capable of, Tracker Systems has created a plan that provides 1 GB+ of wireless data and unlimited access to our tracking and video retreival interface.

Events Detected

  • Stationary/Moving
  • Location updates as fast as every 15 seconds when moving
  • Idle Detection
  • Driver Behavior
    • Distracted Driving
    • Smoking
    • Eating/Drinking
    • Seatbelt
    • Cellphone Use
    • Fatigue
    • Following too closely
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