Boating & Marine

Boating & Marine

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Cellular or Satellite Data
Wired, Battery Powered and Solar Options

We’re boaters and have been involved in the boating and marine industry long before we started our GPS Tracking Business. So, we know boat tracking trade-offs. We’re offering a collection of gps trackers, some are powered and others are battery powered. We’ve got cellular based trackers for near-shore boating and on inland waterways. For ocean-going vessels, checkout this satellite trackers

Cell vs. Satellite

We offer gps trackers for boating and marine applications that work on cellular networks as well as those that run on the Globalstar satellite network. Cellular might work fine on inland waterways and lakes. Or, for ocean going vessels, the satellite tracker may be a better choice.

Wired vs. Battery

We’ve got you covered. We have line-power fed trackers that recharge their own batteris. Or we have fully battery powered trackers that have replaceable batteries. And we have solar trackers that work very nicely.


The powered trackers give you the most reports. Solar trackers can give a lot of reports, but the monthly fee increases. The replaceable battery trackers give great battery live with once or twice a day reports.

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