GPS Boat Tracking: Jet Skis, Personal Watercraft & Charter

  • Focused on theft detection & theft recovery
  • Extensive device and reporting frequency options
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Boat, Jet Ski, Personal Watercraft tracking
GPS Tracking Devices for Boats, Jet Skis, Personal Watercraft Detect Theft Improve Recovery

Theft Detection, Theft Recovery and Peace Of Mind for a Low Monthly Fee.

Buyers Guide to Tracking Devices for Yachts, Boats, Jet Skis and Personal Watercraft.

Remotely Track Your Boats, Jet Skis and Personal Watercraft

Technologically advanced GPS Tracking devices and great rates on data plans make it the right time to get a GPS tracker for your boat. Tracking makes it easier to detect theft and unauthorized use. But theft detection and recovery are not the only reason. We’ve got great features to help you keep track of runtime and manage the maintenance of your boat. In real time, receive email alerts for use, speeding, geofences, low batteries, maintenance items and more.

Hardwired / Installed Boat Trackers

Hardwired / Installed Boat Trackers

  • Very hideable: mount above the waterline, at the helm, in a fiberglass or wood (non-metallic) compartment.
  • No external antenna required
  • Add a float switch and monitor bilge level alerts
  • Integrate with boat ignition for Operating Hours
  • Manage maintenance with our Maintenance Module
  • Different data plans available: balance cost with features.
  • Marine Environment Ready: Waterproof, IPX6 compliant
  • Operating Voltage: 8V to 32V DC

Battery Powered Boat Tracking

Battery Powered Boat Tracking

  • No Wiring Required
  • User Replaceable Batteries
  • Hideable: mount anywhere above the waterline.
  • Reports Twice-A-Day
  • Emails available on low battery alert
  • Marine Environment Ready: Waterproof, IPX7 compliant
  • Standard Reporting once or twice daily. Other intervals available with decreased battery life.

Affordable Options for Tracking Boats & Personal Watercraft

Affordable Options for Tracking Boats & Personal Watercraft

Coverage Areas

  • Coastal Waterways within Cellular coverage areas
  • Interior waterways
  • Store & Forward
  • International Data Plans are available
  • Coming Soon: Satellite Unit – Worldwide coverage

Data Plans

Starting @ $5.99
a month!

Monthly Service…
Extensive System Features

Extensive System Features

We’re boaters, too. So we’ve included in our system the things we need to track our boats. We’ve got you covered from boat icons to satellite trackers.

  • Access your data from the web, iOS or Android Apps
  • Tow Guard Alert monitors moving with key off
  • Unauthorized use alert for just that!
  • Create polygon, rectangular and circular Geofence with a simple mouse click.
  • Manage maintenance with our Maintenance Module
  • Same software no matter the Data Plan

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