PTO and Auxiliary Input Monitoring

PTO and Auxiliary Input Monitoring

Monitor PTO And Auxiliary Input

Hydraulic Usage, Lights, Doors, Tow Trucks

We’ve got a number of tracking devices that can help you monitor Auxiliary Inputs from PTO, lights, door openings. Just about anything you can think of, we can track.

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  • Versatile, Rugged, Durable GPS Trailer Tracker - features include long backup battery life, PTO / Auxiliary Input Options, Wired and Bluetooth Temperature Tracking
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    Rugged Durable GPS Trailer Tracker


    The GV600M: A Rugged & Durable GPS Tracker at a great price This Tracker covers a lot of bases! Rugged and Durable GPS Tracker Waterproof, IP67 Compliant More than a month Backup Battery (depending upon reporting interval) Operates on 12V and 24V DC...
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