Benefits of Mower Tracking

Benefits of Mower Tracking

A question often comes up with our customers about how to best protect their fleet. For a fleet of vans or cars the response is rather simple, protect each. When it comes to trailered equipment, like mowers, chippers and similar, the options seemingly begin to expand. Our recommendation is to take a tiered strategy to security. One trailer, one truck, several mowers cover them all. But, the first reaction is that it could get expensive. Is that expense worth it? And how to justify it? yes, its our belief that is is worth it and that there are several benefits of full coverage that make the whole package make a lot of sense. This article will look into some of the trade-offs and justifications to mower tracking.

GPS Tracking: the Cost Drivers

The expense side of tracking is two parts, the monthly service and the equipment. Fortunately, today's equipment is not that expensive, prices have come down significantly. And we, at Tracker Systems, have focused on making offerings that give great service coverage at low monthly price points. With adjusted report rates for different applications our data costs have also dropped dramatically.

Mower Tracking Benefits

GPS Tracking, to the landscaping business, has often been about theft recovery. And, this is an area that we do well. Tracking equipment after it has been stolen has led to countless recoveries. Cumulatively, hundreds of thousands of dollars of saved expenses, eliminated downtime and minimized frustrations and aggravations. This alone makes it worthwhile, but what else?

Proof of Performance

Our next favorite justification is the use of mower tracking to help with proof of performance. Customer calls in, "hey did you do my lawn"? With GPS Tracking of your mowers, the answer is a few clicks away. And if the customer calls weeks later to dispute a bill? Again, a few clicks, a report and the answer is in your hands. With our 2 minute reporting package, this is a real solution.

Maintenance Support

Managing a couple mowers starts to get complicated. Which one got service? Which one sat idle? Which one gets used too little? Too much? The answer, again, is in the data coming out of the mower tracking device. Our runtime report lets you look at details in a table or quick to read bar-charts that, at a glance, let you see how different mowers compare.

Want to note when maintenance was done? Add a note to a GPS report and the information is accessible from the notes report.

Remote Team Management

With our mobile web application, as well as our traditional desktop suite of tools, you can have more flexibility to check on your crew from far away. You can tell if they are making progress or if they are behind on their assignments. Stops at the mini-mart, idling at the park with the A/C running or, speeding on the interstate become obvious to you. Get more out of your crew and your equipment.

Mower Tracking Works

Whether you prioiritze theft recovery first, or the mobile and desktop applications, or the reports and maps, at the end of the day, you will have invested in a tool set that gives you freedom and remote team mangement, details to support billing with customers, reports to help with maintenance and personel mangement. 

Nov 24th 2014

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