Customer Invoicing

When you have a staff, providing services to customers, scheduling their time efficiently and being responsive to your staff's needs and your customer needs is a significant challenge. Keeping track of who saw who when and where - especially when it all changes at the last minute - can be daunting. Gathering supporting data for end of the month customer invoicing can be difficult, even for the smallest teams. For a bigger team it can be fraught with errors. At the end of the month, determining who was where at the beginning of the month can be challenging and time consuming. In a manual system, working through customer disputes over invoicing, two or three months later becomes a no-win proposition as memories and information become foggy. GPS Car Tracking can provide the tools to filter through all of this easily.

Key factors for successful customer invoicing include: detailed record keeping, timely reporting and accuracy of details. Additionally, automation becomes a critical step as your customer routes become more complicated and as your fleet expands. Our gps tracking system gives you the tools to make invoicing an easier, faster and more accurate process. And, at the end of the day - more defensible.

The Source of the Raw Data

Our GPS Trackers regularly send reports to our servers. In addition to the somewhat obvious GPS location and timestamp information, the tracking device can be configured to detect ignition. If the gps tracker is an installed model, a wire is used to sense the ignition. If it is a Plug 'n Play tracking device, plugging it into the OBD-II port gives it access to the ignition state. As the GPS information is passed to our servers, the ignition state is included.

Have the data - now what?

The combination of location, timestamps and ignition state become a fantastic tool to make it easier to manage your fleet and to do customer invoicing. Together, the data will let you know exactly when and where your vehicles have been, how long they were there and whether the vehicle was stopped or just idling. Utilizing our Stop reports, you will be able to reconcile the stops with job tickets for labor on the job site. The Stop reports provide time information, ignition state and even address information. These stop reports, along with whatever job tickets you have make end of the month invoicing a breeze.

Landmarks & Geofences

Customer sites, that your team visits on a recurring basis, can become Landmarks. Our reports even provide distance to the landmarks. Additionally, geofences can be used as virtual boundaries around an area. Geofences processes then determine when vehicles enter and leave the geofences. Our report system can then be used to analyze your time at a customer's site. While not a valuable feature for customer invoices, geofences have the added benefit of sending live email alerts when the boundaries are crossed.

GPS Tracking for Customer Invoicing

emo System

We've created an innovative memo system that allows you to tag your raw location reports. The flexible system, customizable to your needs, is another tool to make customer invoicing easier. Daily, you can update the reports with important stop information or customer billing notes. At the end of the month, the data can help with reconciliation and finalizing customer invoicing.

Customer Invoicing Disputes

A significant challenge of customer disputes in a mainly manual system is maintaining a history of data that lets you piece together what happened two, three months ago. Our tracking system makes this easier. Reports can be run for any selectable time period. Allowing you to
Leading up to Invoicing, we've

Customer Invoicing Success

Bottom line, GPS Vehicle Tracking can help automate a process that is critical to your revenue stream, but is fraught with errors and lost data. Our reporting system can provide details to aid you in billing your customers, confirming time on site. It also lets you do it automatically and to generate detailed reports on the results. 

Jul 9th 2018

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